Arena Womens Carbon Air2 Ltd Edition Kneesuit - Fireflow

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The most lightweight of the Carbon series, the arena's Powerskin Carbon Air2 provides hydrodynamic support to female competitive swimmers. The technical profile of the suit is comprised of one single piece of fabric, which works to reduce pressure on the hip area while providing a second-skin feeling of comfort. The absence of multiple seams means that the suit is easier to put on and take off pre-and-post race compared to other technical suits. The durable, lightweight Carbon Band technology provides a mild compression that helps to stabilize and activate key muscles, without sacrificing comfort and flexibility. The internal lining reduces pressure in the chest area to allow for a wider range of motion, and an open-back design further increases this efficient mobility. 

Part of the arena's Carbon Series racing suits, the Powerskin Carbon Air2 is designed to provide women with a light-air feeling of support in the water. Thanks to the innate flexibility of the one-piece construction, the Powerskin Carbon Air2 is easier to put on and take off compared to traditional racing suits. Durable, lightweight Carbon Band technology is weaved into the suit in the horizontal direction. The result is a gently compressive feel that stabilizes muscles while providing stretch and comfort. The three-panel internal lining combined with the open-back design makes the Powerskin Carbon Air2 less compressive in the chest area, allowing for a full range of motion in the upper body.


  • 3-piece lining design for total range of motion
  • Single piece of fabric with zero stitching
  • Integrated horizontal carbon fibre, providing compression, support and control
  • Drag-free speed
  • Super easy to get on
  • Long lasting comfort
  • FINA approved
More Information
Colour Fireflow
Product Label New
Brand Arena
Junior No
Gender Womens
Swimwear Style Kneesuits
Fabric Powerskin Carbon Air
Fabric Classification World Aquatics/FINA Approved
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