Mens Goggles

Our collection of men's goggles offers unbeatable comfort and clarity, ensuring an exceptional underwater experience. Whether you're a professional or a recreational swimmer, our men's goggles will elevate your swimming experience.

With anti-fog lenses, adjustable straps, and snug seals, our mens goggles ensure crystal-clear vision in any aquatic environment. Explore our range today. 

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  1. Speedo Fastskin Hyper Elite Mirror Goggle - Country Green/Black/Nectarne/White
  2. Speedo Fastskin Hyper Elite Mirror Goggle - Picton Blue/Black/White
  3. Speedo Fastskin Hyper Elite Goggle - Pink
    Speedo Fastskin Hyper Elite Goggle - Pink
  4. Speedo Fastskin Hyper Elite Mirror Goggle - White
  5. Speedo Fastskin Hyper Elite Mirror Goggle - Black/Copper
  6. Speedo Fastskin Hyper Elite Mirror Goggle - Black
  7. TYR Tracer X Elite Racing Goggle - White/Red/Navy
  8. TYR Tracer X Nano Fit Racing Goggle - Turquoise/Black
  9. TYR Stealth X Mirror Racing Goggles - Rainbow/Red
  10. TYR Stealth X Mirror Racing Goggles - Silver/Pink
  11. TYR Stealth X Mirror Racing Goggles - Blue
  12. TYR Blackops 140 EV Racing Mirrored Goggle - Gold/Navy
  13. TYR Blackops 140 EV Racing Mirrored Goggle - Light Blue/Navy
  14. TYR Blackops 140 EV Racing Mirrored Goggle - Metallized Smoke
  15. TYR Blackops 140 EV Racing Goggle - Smoke/Green
  16. TYR Black Hawk Racing Mirrored Goggle - Silver/Teal
  17. Nike Vapor Goggle - Green Shock
  18. Nike Vapor Mirror Goggle - Aquarius Blue
  19. Nike Legacy Mirror Goggle - Particle Grey
  20. Arena Python Racing Goggles - Clear Blue/White/White
  21. Arena Python Racing Goggles - Blue/White/Sky
  22. Arena Python Racing Goggles - Smoke/Black
  23. Arena Python Mirror Racing Goggles - Light Blue Mirror/White/Sky
  24. Arena Python Mirror Racing Goggles - Gold/White/Black
  25. Arena Python Mirror Racing Goggles - Silver/White/Fuchsia
  26. Arena Python Mirror Racing Goggles - Turquoise/Water/Blue Cosmo
  27. Arena Python Mirror Racing Goggles - Violet/Black/Violet
  28. Arena Python Mirror Racing Goggles - Copper/White/Red Wine
  29. Arena Python Mirror Racing Goggles - Silver/Black
  30. Arena Python Mirror Racing Goggles - Black/Copper

Result:  1-30 (of 389)

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We understand that when it comes to swimming, whether it's an energising early morning swim or an intense competitive race, vision is everything. We're committed to providing the best men's swim goggles, each pair designed to provide you with exceptional underwater vision and comfort. Take a look at our full range of mens swimming goggles online. 

Our Range of Men's Swimming Goggles

We offer a wide range of swim goggles for men tailored to every need:

  • Racing Goggles: Engineered for speed and streamlined performance. Ideal for competitive male swimmers and triathletes.
  • Fitness Goggles: For health-conscious male swimmers who seek comfort, style, and excellent visibility for regular training sessions.
  • Prescription Goggles: Customised to men's exact vision requirements.
  • Open Water Goggles: Built tough for outdoor swimming, providing panoramic viewing for men.

Our selection includes different lens types including anti-fog swimming goggles, mirrored, standard, prescription, polarized and photochromatic options. Our goggles are designed to cater to your swimming environment – so whether you're slicing through the water in the pool or navigating the serenity of the open water, we've got your vision covered.

Racing Goggles

Enhance your performance with our racing goggles designed for competitive swimmers. Designed with precision and engineered for speed, our racing goggles provide the ultimate clarity and hydrodynamic efficiency in the water. Whether you're diving off the blocks or powering through each lap, our racing goggles offer a streamlined fit and advanced features to help you shave off those crucial milliseconds. Explore our range of designs and innovative technologies to find the perfect racing goggles to propel you towards victory.

Fitness Swim Goggles

Maximise your comfort and enjoyment during your fitness swim sessions with our range of high-quality fitness swim training goggles. Designed for durability and functionality, our fitness training goggles are perfect for swimmers of all levels looking to improve their technique and endurance. With features such as anti-fog lenses, adjustable straps, and UV protection, our fitness swim training goggles ensure crystal-clear vision and a snug, secure fit every time you hit the pool. Dive into your workout routine with confidence and style with our versatile selection of fitness swim training goggles.

Prescription Goggles

Never compromise on vision clarity with our prescription goggles tailored to meet your exact needs. Whether you're nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism, our prescription goggles offer personalised solutions for swimmers requiring corrective lenses. Experience sharp, distortion-free vision underwater with our range of prescription swim goggles, available in a variety of diopter strengths and lens options. Say goodbye to blurry swims and hello to clarity with our prescription goggles, designed to help you focus on your stroke and reach your swimming goals with confidence.

Open Water Goggles

Conquer the open water with confidence and clarity with our specially designed open water goggles. Engineered to withstand the challenges of outdoor swimming environments, our open water goggles offer superior visibility, comfort, and durability. Whether you're training for a triathlon or embarking on an adventurous open water swim, our goggles provide unmatched performance in varying conditions. With features such as wide peripheral vision, anti-glare lenses, and comfortable silicone gaskets, our open water goggles ensure an exceptional swim experience from start to finish.

Top Swimming Goggles Brands

Explore our handpicked selection of swimming goggles tailored to your preferences. Whether you lean towards our Speedo goggle range or admire the durable design of Arena goggles for men, our curated collection awaits you. Discover Zoggs goggles and the technical excellence of TYR for men with just a click. For both enthusiasts and professionals, we offer a range of adult swimming goggles for men from the best swimming goggle brands. Dive into a world of options including Fastskin, Cobra, Powerfin, and Powerskin goggles from Speedo, along with offerings from Arena and Adidas.

Speedo Goggles

Embark on an innovative and high-performance journey with Speedo goggles, a trusted brand in swimming equipment for men. Known for their exceptional craftsmanship and innovative technology, Speedo goggles offer male swimmers clarity and comfort in the water. Whether you're a competitive swimmer or a leisurely enthusiast, Speedo goggles provide a snug fit designed to elevate your swimming experience. Explore our range of Speedo goggles for men and unlock your full potential in the pool.

Arena Goggles

Immerse yourself in aquatic excellence with Arena goggles, tailored for men who seek superior performance. Arena goggles seamlessly blend style, resilience, and functionality to offer an unmatched swimming experience. Dive confidently into each stroke, assured by the superior visibility and comfort of Arena goggles, allowing you to focus solely on your performance. With various styles and features catering to the needs of competitive male swimmers, Arena goggles are the ideal choice for dominating the lanes.

Zoggs Goggles

Enhance your swimming game with Zoggs goggles, designed to boost your confidence and enjoyment in the water. Meticulously designed for a comfortable and secure fit, Zoggs goggles cater to men of all skill levels. Whether you prefer competition goggles or versatile leisure options, Zoggs offers a range of styles to meet your needs. Explore our selection of Zoggs goggles and embrace the ideal blend of performance and style for your next aquatic adventure.

TYR Goggles

Unleash your aquatic potential with TYR goggles, engineered for exceptional performance and endurance. Infused with the latest technologies, TYR goggles offer men clarity, comfort, and hydrodynamics. Whether you're honing your skills in the pool or navigating open waters, TYR goggles assure unmatched reliability and performance to help you achieve your objectives. Discover our selection of TYR goggles and witness the impact that superior craftsmanship and innovation can have on your swimming journey.

Nike Goggles

Make a statement with Nike goggles, tailored for men who demand excellence in and out of the water. Seamlessly blending cutting-edge design with premium materials, Nike goggles deliver unrivalled performance and style. Whether gearing up for a competition or enjoying a leisurely swim, these goggles provide a comfortable, secure fit for extended wear. With anti-fog lenses and adjustable straps, Nike goggles offer the clarity and confidence required to dominate the pool. Explore our collection of Nike goggles and take your swimming game to new heights.


How do I choose the right goggles for racing?

Consider factors such as fit, lens type, and design tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Look for streamlined shapes, low-profile designs, and anti-fog coatings for optimal performance in competitive settings.

Are prescription goggles available for all diopter strengths?

Our range of prescription goggles caters to a wide range of diopter strengths, providing options for most swimmers requiring corrective lenses. However, it's recommended to check the available options and consult with an eye care professional for personalised recommendations.

What features should I look for in open water goggles?

Look for goggles with wide peripheral vision, tinted or polarized lenses to reduce glare, and secure straps to withstand turbulent water conditions. Additionally, consider comfort features such as soft silicone gaskets and adjustable nose bridges for a customised fit.

How do I prevent fogging in my swim goggles?

To prevent fogging, ensure your goggles have anti-fog coatings or treatments on the lenses. Additionally, avoid touching the inner surface of the lenses and rinse them with fresh water after each use. Store your goggles in a protective case away from heat and humidity when not in use.

Can I replace the straps and nose bridges on my goggles?

Many of our goggles feature interchangeable straps and nose bridges, allowing you to customise the fit and style of your goggles. Check the product specifications or contact our customer service team for assistance with replacement parts and accessories.

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