At Allens Swimwear, we offer a vast collection of swimwear for women, whether you're a professional swimmer or just want to relax by the pool. Our range includes swimsuits, bikinis, kneesuits, maternity wear, drag shorts, and open water swimwear from brands like Arena, Nike, Adidas, TYR, and Speedo. You can choose from high-performance competition swimwear that's designed to minimise drag and improve your performance or select fashionable leisure swimwear for lounging by the pool.

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Womens Racing SwimwearWomens Racing Swimwear
Womens SwimwearWomens Swimwear
Womens Swim GogglesWomens Swim Goggles
Womens ClothingWomens Clothing
Womens Swim KneesuitsWomens Swim Kneesuits

Womens Keesuits

Women's kneesuits are a popular choice for competitive swimming. Offering more coverage than traditional swimsuits, these suits are designed to reduce drag and increase speed in the water. Made from high-quality materials, they provide the support and comfort needed during intense races. 

Womens SwimsuitsWomens Swimsuits

Womens Swimsuits

At Allens Swimwear there's a swimsuit for every woman and every occasion. Competitive swimmers might lean towards high-performance swimwear, designed to enhance speed and agility in the water. Meanwhile, those looking for leisure swimwear can enjoy a range of styles, from tankinis to swimsuits.

Womens Bikinis & TankinisWomens Bikinis & Tankinis

Womens Bikinis & Tankinis

If you prefer a two-piece swimsuit, then you might want to consider women's bikinis or tankinis. Bikinis are great for maximum mobility in the water or sunbathing, while tankinis offer more coverage. Both options are versatile and perfect for different occasions such a relaxed day by the pool.

Maternity Swimwear Maternity Swimwear

Maternity Swimwear

Expectant mothers shouldn't have to compromise on style or comfort when it comes to swimwear. We offer a range of women's maternity swimwear designed to accommodate growing bellies while still looking fantastic. These suits provide extra support where it's needed most, ensuring that pregnant women can enjoy the water comfortably and confidently.

Womens Swim Drag Shorts Womens Swim Drag Shorts

Womens Drag Shorts

For those looking to enhance their training, women's drag shorts are a must-have. These shorts add resistance in the water, helping swimmers build strength and improve their technique. Despite being a functional piece of women's swimwear, they come in various styles and colors to keep swimmers looking great while they train.

Womens Open Water Swimwear Womens Open Water Swimwear

Open Water Swimwear

Open water swimming presents its own set of challenges, and women's open water swimwear is designed to meet them head-on. These wetsuits are made from warmer, more durable materials to protect against colder temperatures and rougher conditions. With open water swimwear, women can tackle oceans, lakes, and rivers with confidence.  

Swimming EquipmentSwimming Equipment

Swimming Equipment & Accessories

At Allen's Swimwear, we offer a wide range of accessories to enhance your swimming experience. Our collection includes women's goggles for clarity and comfort, swim bags for carrying essentials, and swimming equipment from top brands like Speedo. Improve your training and technique with swim fins, kickboards, and resistance bands designed to increase strength, endurance, and technique.

Our swimming accessories perfectly complement our women's swimwear, providing everything you need for a seamless and enjoyable swimming journey.

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5 Star Reviews

Based on over 2,680 reviews

5 Star Reviews

Great Shop

Great shop! I made online purchase. Everything was nice, quality, on time and as it was on web site. I'll shop here again for sure! Full recommendations!

A Djonko, a few days ago


5 Star Reviews

Genuine Swimming Accessories

One of the best platform to order genuine swimming accessories 

Ridge, a few days ago


5 Star Reviews

Great Goggles

Great goggles, Speedo Fastskin Elite, at a good price, and great delivery as usual from Allens. Thank you.

Rachel, a few days ago