The Way Funky brand was launched in 2004 in Australia and is well known for its bold, colourful and funky designs all made in their C-Infinity chlorine resistant fabric. Look good and feel comfortable in and out of the pool in FUNKY TRUNKS for men and boys and FUNKITA for women and girls.

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  1. Funkita Girls Boxanne Strapped In One Piece - Multi
  2. Funkita Girls Dial A Dot Twisted One Piece
    Funkita Girls Dial A Dot Twisted One Piece
    As low as £28.95
  3. Funkita Girls Perfect Teeth Fast Legs One Piece - Blue/White/Orange
  4. Funkita Girls Poka Palm Strapped In One Piece
  5. Funkita Girls Snow Flyer Strapped In One Piece
  6. Funkita Girls Headlights Strapped In One Piece
  7. Funkita Girls Seal Team Strapped In One Piece - Blue
  8. Funkita Girls Tinsel Town Single Strap One Piece - Pink/Blue/White
  9. Funkita Girls Perfect Teeth Single Strap One Piece - Blue/White/Orange
  10. Funkita Girls Gigi Jo Jo Single Strap One Piece - Camo/Pink
  11. Funkita Girls Hazy Daze Single Strap One Piece
  12. Funkita Girls Beached Bae Single Strap One Piece - Pink/White/Blue
  13. Funkita Girls Palm A Lot Diamond Back One Piece
  14. Funkita Girls Spot Me Diamond Back One Piece
  15. Funkita Girls B-Fly Diamond Back One Piece
  16. Funkita Ladies Palm A Lot Sports Top
  17. Funkita Ladies Spot Me Sports Top
  18. Funkita Ladies Perfect Teeth Fast Legs One Piece - Blue/White/Orange
  19. Funkita Ladies Seal Team Fast Legs One Piece - Blue
  20. Funkita Ladies Palm A Lot Single Strength One Piece
  21. Funkita Ladies Dial A Dot Single Strength One Piece
  22. Funkita Ladies Hazy Daze Single Strength One Piece
  23. Funkita Ladies Headlights Swim Secure One Piece
  24. Funkita Ladies Lime Splice Tie Me Tight One Piece
  25. Funkita Ladies Kris Kringle Tie Me Tight One Piece
  26. Funkita Ladies Dark Hound Tie Me Tight One Piece - Black/White/Pink
  27. Funkita Ladies Lake Acid Tie Me Tight One Piece
  28. Funkita Ladies Free Love Twisted One Piece
  29. Funkita Ladies Perfect Teeth Single Strap One Piece - Blue/White/Orange
  30. Funkita Ladies Gigi Jo Jo Single Strap One Piece - Green/Brown/Pink
    Funkita Ladies Gigi Jo Jo Single Strap One Piece - Green/Brown/Pink
    As low as £44.95

Result:  1-30 (of 213)

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Funkita Swimwear

Dive into the colourful and vibrant world of Funkita swimwear, where exceptional quality meets bold, eye-catching designs! Our Funkita swimsuits collection is meticulously crafted to offer both competitive and recreational swimmers unparalleled comfort, durability, and performance. With an emphasis on using high-quality, chlorine-resistant fabrics, Funkita ensures that each piece retains its shape and vivid colours, swim after swim. Whether you're powering through laps in the pool, enjoying a leisurely swim at the beach, or tackling a triathlon, Funkita provides a wide range of styles and sizes to suit every swimmer's needs. From one-pieces with dynamic prints to stylish bikinis and tankinis, our range is designed to make you feel confident and unstoppable in the water. Perfect for individuals who don't want to compromise on style or performance, Funkita swimwear stands out not just for its fashion-forward aesthetics but also for its commitment to sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly practices and materials. Browse our Funkita swimwear today and make a splash with Funkita, where quality meets design in the swimwear arena.

Womens Funkita Swimwear

Our range of women's Funkita swimwear combines functionality with fashion. Whether you're a competitive swimmer or enjoy casual pool days, our ladies' collection has something for everyone, featuring one-piece and two-piece options.

One-Piece Funkita Swimsuits

Our one-piece Funkita swimwear offers designs and comfortable fits. Ideal for both competitive swimming and leisurely pool days, these Funkita swimming costumes provide coverage and support where it's needed most. 

Experience the adjustable comfort and bold styling of the Funkita Tie Me Tight swimsuits, perfect for swimmers seeking both fashion and a custom fit. For those who prefer a more personalized fit and distinctive style, the Funkita Tie Back range is the perfect choice. Offering the ultimate in adjustability, these swimsuits are designed to provide the wearer with the freedom to tailor the fit to their own body shape, ensuring maximum comfort and security in the water. The Funkita Tie Back designs come in a variety of vibrant patterns and colours, embodying the brand's signature blend of functionality and flair. 

Enjoy your time in the water without worry with Funkita period swimwear. These swimming costumes are designed for confidence and comfort during all swimming activities. Our period-proof Funkita swimsuits range offers a secure and discreet option. Featuring leak-proof technology and stylish designs, these swimsuits are a perfect blend of functionality and fashion. Ideal for swimmers of all ages looking for an extra layer of protection. 

Enhance your swimming experience with our racerback and crossback Funkita swimwear. Designed for superior fit and freedom of movement, these styles are perfect for swimmers looking to improve their technique and performance.

Funkita swimsuits are ideal for anyone who values both performance and style in their swimwear. The Funkita bathers cater to a range of preferences and body types, ensuring that swimmers can find the perfect outfit that suits their needs, whether for competitive swimming, casual beach days, or poolside relaxation.

Two-Piece Funkita Swimwear

For those who prefer flexibility and style, our two-piece Funkita swimwear is the perfect choice. Mix and match tops and bottoms to create your ideal swimming outfit, whether it's for performance or leisure. Dive into the world of Funkita Bikinis, where elegance meets performance. Our Funkita bikini tops are meticulously designed to provide support and comfort without compromising on style. Ideal for both competitive swimmers and those who simply enjoy soaking up the sun, our range ensures you'll find the perfect fit and design to express your personal style. Available across the UK, our Funkita bikini UK collection brings the latest trends to your swimwear wardrobe. With an array of patterns and colours, each piece is crafted to make you feel confident and stylish in and out of the water. Discover our unique selection and make a splash with Funkita's exceptional quality and vibrant designs.

Performance Swimwear

Take your swimming to the next level with our performance swimwear. Engineered for speed and efficiency, Funkita kneesuits feature advanced materials and designs for optimal performance. 

Girls Funkita Swimwear

Designed with vibrant colours and durable materials, our girls Funkita swimwear collection offers fun and stylish options for young swimmers. Perfect for both racing, training and leisure and made to last. Discover our exclusive Funkita Girls range, tailored specifically for the young and aspiring swimmers. This range celebrates the spirit of youth with its bright, bold prints and patterns, designed to stand out from the crowd. Every piece is crafted with resilience in mind, ensuring that it withstands the rigors of both training and play. Whether it’s for competitive pursuits or leisurely swims, our Funkita Girls swimwear promises comfort, durability, and style, making every swim session enjoyable and fashionable. Explore our girls swimwear today and find the perfect ensemble for the young swimmer in your life.

Up the Ante

Explore the Up the Ante collection by Funkita, featuring new designs and back styles, ensuring unparalleled style and comfort whether mastering the butterfly stroke or soaking up the sun.

Funkita Swim Equipment

Is not just limited to swimwear. We also offer a variety of swimming accessories such as caps, goggle cases, and swim training aids. Our high-quality equipment is designed to enhance your swimming experience and help you reach your full potential in the pool. In addition to our extensive range of swimwear and equipment, Funkita is committed to sustainability and ethical production practices. We use eco-friendly materials and partner with factories that prioritize fair working conditions.

In keeping with our commitment to providing high-quality swimwear and accessories, we're excited to introduce our range of Funkita bags. Designed with both functionality and style in mind, these bags are perfect for swimmers and athletes who are on the go. Whether you're heading to the pool, the gym, or away for a weekend competition, our Funkita bags offer ample space for all your swim gear, including towels, swimwear, and training aids, along with personal items. With durable materials and comfortable straps, they are built to withstand the rigors of daily use while keeping your belongings organized and accessible. Carry your swim gear in style with our range of Funkita backpacks. Perfect for both poolside and everyday use, these backpacks are designed with functionality and durability in mind. With multiple compartments for wet and dry storage, as well as adjustable straps for comfort, our backpacks are an essential for any swimmer looking to keep their equipment organized and accessible. Whether you're heading to training or a meet, a Funkita backpack is the perfect accessory to complete your swim kit.

Ensure your goggles stay safe and scratch-free whilst you're on the move with a Funkita Goggle Case. The compact and zip closure design makes them easy to slip into any of our Funkita bags, ensuring your swim gear is always organised and within reach.

Funkita Swim Caps

Our Funkita swim caps are not only a practical choice for swimmers of all levels but also a fashion statement in the pool. Made from high-quality silicone, these swim caps provide a snug fit, reducing drag and protecting your hair from chlorine. Available in a variety of vibrant colours and funky designs, our swim caps are the perfect addition to your Funkita swimwear ensemble. Designed for durability and comfort, these caps are an essential part of your swimming kit, ensuring you stand out for both style and performance.

Funkita Sale

Take advantage of our Funkita Sale featuring an exclusive selection of swimwear, including swimsuits and bikinis, at unbeatable prices. Our range presents a perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance, designed

to cater to every swimmer's needs. Whether you're training for a competition or simply enjoying a day at the pool, our swimwear sale offers an excellent opportunity to own high-quality Funkita products at reduced prices. With a variety of sizes, colours, and designs available, you're sure to find the ideal piece to add to your swimming collection. Don't miss out on this chance to upgrade your swim gear with Funkita's renowned quality and design at a fraction of the cost.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Discount Codes Page for a Funkita Discount Code to snagging our premium swimwear at even more affordable prices. We regularly update this page with exclusive codes that you can apply to your next purchase, making it the perfect opportunity to refresh your swim kit with Funkita's vibrant and durable designs. Don't miss out on these fantastic savings – bookmark our Discount Codes Page today and stay ahead of the game!

Shop Funkita Today

Experience the quality, comfort, and style of Funkita swimwear and equipment for yourself by shopping our collection today. With a wide range of sizes, styles, and colours to choose from, you're sure to find your perfect fit. Join the thousands of swimmers around the world who trust Funkita as their go-to brand for all things swimming.