Mens Swimwear

At Allens Swimwear, we take pride in offering a diverse range of men's swimwear from trusted brands like Speedo, Nike, and Adidas. These industry-leading names bring decades of expertise to the table, ensuring that every piece in our mens swimwear collection meets the highest standards of quality and performance. 

Browse our extensive range of men's swimwear, whether you're seeking comfort for a leisurely swim or aiming for peak performance in competitive waters, our swimwear for men has you covered.

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  1. TYR Mens Vitality Jammer - Black/Red
  2. TYR Mens Vitality Jammer - Black/Purple
  3. TYR Mens Vitality Jammer - Navy/Blue
  4. TYR Mens Vitality Jammer - Black/Green
  5. TYR Mens Speedwarp Jammer - Black/Red
  6. TYR Mens Fizzy Jammer - Black/Purple
  7. TYR Mens Fizzy Jammer - Blue/Green
    TYR Mens Fizzy Jammer - Blue/Green
    As low as £40.59
  8. TYR Mens Fizzy Jammer - Black/Blue
  9. TYR Mens Fizzy Jammer - Black/Orange
  10. TYR Mens Crystalized Blade Splice Jammer - Black/Red
  11. TYR Mens Crystalized Blade Splice Jammer - Navy/Blue/Green
  12. TYR Mens Crystalized Blade Splice Jammer - Navy/Blue
  13. TYR Mens Crystalized Blade Splice Jammer - Black/Green
  14. TYR Mens Crystalized Blade Splice Jammer - Black/Navy/Pink
  15. TYR Mens Sentry Jammer - Teal/Aqua
  16. Funky Trunks Mens Boxed Up Training Jammer - Black/Multi
  17. Funky Trunks Mens Go Gammon Classic Trunk - Multi
  18. Funky Trunks Mens Be Square Classic Trunk - Multi
  19. Funky Trunks Mens Boxed Up Classic Trunk - Multi
  20. Funky Trunks Mens Boxanne Sidewinder Trunk - Multi
  21. Funky Trunks Mens Help Me Rhombus Sidewinder Trunk - Blue/Green
  22. TYR Mens Ison Jammer - Titanium
  23. Amanzi Mens Blitz Jammer - Multi
  24. Amanzi Mens Bitwave Jammer - Multi
  25. Amanzi Mens Spirit Jammer - Multi
  26. Amanzi Mens Rexi Jammer - Multi
  27. Nike Hydrastrong Digi Haze Jammer - Team Orange
  28. Nike Hydrastrong Digi Haze Jammer - Game Royal
  29. Nike Hydrastrong Digi Haze Jammer - Black
  30. Funky Trunks Mens Pressure Point Apex Viper Jammer - Navy/Royal

Result:  1-30 (of 878)

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Swimwear for Men

At Allens Swimwear, we understand how important it is to find the right mens swimwear for your needs. From racing swimwear to leisure swimwear, we offer a wide range of options to choose from. Our selection includes swim jammers, swim trunks, swim briefs, swim shorts, goggles, swim caps, and more. We carry only the top swimwear brands like Adidas, Arena, Finis, Funky Trunks, Nike, Speedo, and TYR, so you can trust the quality of your purchase. We strive to provide the best possible service to help you find swimwear that's both comfortable and stylish.

Choosing the right swimwear isn't just about style; it's about confidence, performance, and protection. With the correct swimwear, you can glide through the water with ease, without any discomfort or drag slowing you down. It's not simply about making a fashion statement - although, at Allens Swimwear, we ensure you look your best. It's about selecting gear that supports your swim, whether you're training for a competition or enjoying a leisurely swim. High-quality swimwear provides the necessary support, enhances speed, and ensures you're protected against the harsh effects of chlorine and sunlight. That's why we're here to guide you through our expansive selection, helping you find the perfect fit for your swimming needs. Remember, the right swimwear can make all the difference in your water-based activities, contributing significantly to your overall experience and achievement.

Types of Swimwear

At Allens Swimwear, we appreciate the unique preferences and needs of every swimmer, which is why our range of mens swimwear styles is carefully curated to suit various tastes and requirements.

  • Swim Jammers: Ideal for competitive swimmers, these form-fitting knee-length swim shorts offer reduced drag, maximising your efficiency in the water. Made with endurance in mind, they're perfect for those looking to improve their lap times.

  • Swim Trunks: A classic choice, swim trunks offer a more relaxed fit and are suitable for casual swimming. Available in a range of colours and patterns, they're perfect for those leisurely pool days or a quick dip in the sea.

  • Swim Briefs: Favoured by professional athletes for their minimal coverage and maximum freedom of movement, swim briefs are the go-to for serious swimmers. They're designed to reduce water resistance, enabling faster speeds.

  • Swim Shorts: Offering a balance between swim trunks and jammers, swim shorts are versatile for both competitive swimming and recreational activities. They provide a comfortable fit without compromising on performance.

Whether you’re training for an upcoming competition or planning to lounge by the pool, Allens Swimwear is committed to helping you select the swimwear that not only suits your swimming style but also makes you feel confident and supported in the water.

Swimwear Size Guides

We understand the importance of a perfect fit. We are here to help you find the ideal size for your swimwear needs, with a range of comprehensive size guides for different brands including Arena, Adidas, Speedo, Nike, Funky Trunks, TYR, Huub, AquaSphere, Zone3, Phelps to assist you in selecting swimwear that not only feels comfortable but also enhances your swimming performance. Whether for competitive swimming or leisurely poolside relaxation, our size guide takes into account various body shapes and sizes, ensuring every swimmer, including those needing large mens swimwear and tall mens swimwear, feels secure and confident. Trust in us to support your swimwear choices, so you can focus on your aquatic adventures.

High Quality Mens Swimwear

At Allens Swimwear, we believe that quality is key in every stitch of swimwear we offer. That's why we pride ourselves on sourcing only the finest materials and featuring top brands that are synonymous with excellence in swimwear. From high-tech, chlorine-resistant fabrics that maintain shape and colour to innovative designs that reduce drag and promote ease of movement, our selection is crafted to meet the highest standards. We understand that when it comes to exceptional performance and durability, the details matter. Therefore, we carefully curate our collection to ensure that whether you're a competitive swimmer or someone who enjoys the casual splash, you're wearing the best.

Leisure Swimwear

For those who find joy and relaxation in leisure swimming, we understand the importance of comfort and style. Our mens collection for leisure swimmers is all about ensuring you feel as good as you look. With an extensive selection of swim trunks and shorts in vivid colours and dynamic patterns, we ensure that our leisure wear is not only functional but also fashionable. Perfect for those serene moments by the pool or the occasional dip in the ocean, our range prioritises your comfort, enabling you to unwind and soak in the joys of water, worry-free.

Mens Racing Swimwear & Accessories

Our mens racing swimwear is designed with the competitive spirit in mind, constructed to meet the highest standards of performance and efficiency. For those who thrive on the rush of competition, we offer racing swim jammers engineered to slice through the water with minimal resistance. Fabricated with advanced, lightweight materials that conform to your body, our mens performance swimwear significantly reduces drag, optimising your speed and agility. We also provide a range of high-quality racing goggles designed to enhance your performance in the water, along with durable swim caps to streamline your swim experience. Understanding the dedication it takes to excel, we're here to ensure that your swimwear is a powerful ally in your quest for victory, providing the streamlined support you need to perform at your peak.

Mens Swimwear Brands

At Allens Swimwear, we understand that choosing the right swimwear is not just about the fit and function; it's also about expressing your personal style and feeling great while you swim. That's why each piece in our diverse range of swimwear options is designed with a specific swimmer in mind. Whether you're carving through the lanes with precision, enjoying a leisurely day by the sea, or enhancing your training regime, we believe that your swimwear should reflect your individuality and support your swimming ambitions. Our aim is to ensure that when you browse our collection, you'll find a style that not only meets your performance needs but also resonates with your personal taste and makes you feel confident and invigorated. The right swimwear can elevate your enjoyment and performance in the water, acting as an extension of your personal flair and passion for swimming.

  • Adidas is renowned for combining sports technology and comfort, making their swimwear ideal for those who value endurance.

  • Arena offers designs that are at the forefront of swim technology, perfect for swimmers looking to gain a competitive edge.

  • Finis is celebrated for their commitment to innovation, focusing on swimwear that enhances technique and speed.

  • Funky Trunks brings a splash of fun and color to the pool with their vibrant and unique prints, without compromising on quality.

  • Nike blends athletic performance with stylish trending designs, catering to those who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic.

  • Speedo stands as a staple in the swim community, offering high-quality, durable swimwear that champions hydrodynamics.

  • TYR is designed for the driven athlete, providing swimwear that excels in both training and race environments.

At Allens Swimwear, our swimwear brand selection is carefully curated to ensure that every swimmer finds their perfect match, reflecting both their performance demands and personal style. Rest assured, within our range of leading brands, you're not just choosing swimwear; you're selecting a companion that will support you as you glide through your aquatic adventures. Explore all our swimwear brands.

Mens Swimming Goggles

In addition to our swimwear, we offer a diverse range of mens swimming goggles, chosen to cater to every type of swimmer.

  • Racing Goggles are engineered for speed and efficiency, with a low-profile design to minimise drag and maximise your performance in competitive settings.

  • Fitness Goggles offer comfort and durability, perfect for regular swimming sessions. They're designed to provide a wide field of vision and a secure fit, ensuring nothing comes between you and your swim.

  • Prescription Goggles ensure that clarity isn't confined to those with perfect vision. Customised to your prescription, these goggles are ideal for swimmers who require corrective lenses, making your swim as clear above water as it is below.

  • Open Water Goggles are built to withstand the unique challenges of open-water swimming. With enhanced UV protection, anti-fog treatment, and wider lenses, they offer superior visibility and protection in varying light conditions.

At Allens Swimwear, we understand that swimming goggles are not just a piece of equipment but an essential part of your swimming gear that can significantly enhance your experience. We're here to help you find the perfect pair that meets your needs, ensuring you can focus on the joy of swimming.

Mens Clothing

Beyond our premium selection of swimwear and goggles, we have an extensive array of clothing and accessories designed to complement your swimming lifestyle both in and out of the water. At Allens Swimwear, we aim to be your one-stop shop, ensuring you’re well-equipped for any aquatic adventure.

  • T-Shirts & Polos: Our collection features lightweight, breathable fabrics that keep you comfortable and dry, whether you’re lounging poolside or engaging in a casual outing.

  • Jackets & Hoodies: Perfect for those cooler moments, our range includes stylish options that provide warmth without compromising on comfort or mobility.

  • Shorts & Bottoms: Discover our versatile selection, ideal for transitioning from a morning swim to a relaxed cafe visit, all while ensuring comfort and style.

  • Slides & Sports Socks: Step into comfort with our durable slides and breathable sports socks, crafted to support your feet after a swim or during a casual walk.

  • Hats & Caps: Protect yourself from the sun’s rays or simply add a touch of style to your look with our variety of hats and caps.

  • Scarves & Gloves: For the chillier days, our assortment of scarves and gloves offers both warmth and a fashionable flair to your ensemble.

  • Hair Accessories: Keep your hair in check with our range of hair accessories, ensuring you’re ready to face the day, whether it's in the water or on land.

At Allens Swimwear, we take pride in providing a collection that not only enhances your swimming experience but also your overall lifestyle surrounding the sport. Trust in us to equip you with the finest, from head to toe, inside the pool and out.

Mens Swimwear Sale

Explore our mens swimwear sale for deals on high-quality swimwear from top brands. Our curated selection features:

  • Racing Jammers: Engineered for speed and efficiency, these jammers are ideal for competitors looking to shave off seconds from their time. Crafted with advanced fabrics for a snug, streamlined fit, they reduce drag and increase performance.

  • Briefs: Classic and comfortable, our range of swim briefs offers maximum freedom of movement and minimal resistance. Perfect for both training sessions and leisurely swims.

  • Trunks: For those who prefer a bit more coverage without sacrificing style or comfort, our trunks combine functionality with a touch of fashion. They're versatile enough for poolside relaxation or a quick dip.

  • Swim Shorts: A staple for the swimmer's wardrobe, our swim shorts are designed for ease of movement and comfort, making them ideal for longer swim sessions or a casual day at the beach.

  • Open Water Gear: Tailored for the adventure seekers venturing into open waters, our selection provides added warmth, visibility, and protection.

At Allens Swimwear, we’re not just about providing you with exceptional products; we’re about ensuring you grab the best deals while they last. Trust us to outfit you for your aquatic endeavours, making sure you look good, feel great, and swim with confidence.


What should I consider when choosing racing swimwear?

When selecting racing swimwear, focus on fit, material, and compliance with racing standards. Look for swimwear that offers a snug fit to reduce drag and is made from materials that enhance water repellency and durability. Additionally, ensure that the swimwear meets the guidelines set by your competition’s governing body. At Allens Swimwear, our racing swimwear range is curated with performance in mind, combining advanced fabric technology with designs that support your speed and agility in the water.

Can I use racing swimwear for leisure swimming?

Certainly! While racing swimwear is specifically designed for competitive swimming, it can also be used for leisure swimming. However, keep in mind that racing suits are more tight-fitting and constructed from materials aimed at enhancing performance by reducing drag. If comfort and a more relaxed fit are your priorities for leisure swimming, you might explore our swim shorts or trunks, which offer both comfort and style without sacrificing quality.

How do I ensure a proper fit for my swimwear?

A proper fit is crucial for both comfort and performance. For racing swimwear, it should fit snugly, allowing minimal drag. For leisure swimwear, it should be comfortable and secure without being too tight. We recommend viewing our product size guides and, if possible, trying on swimwear before purchasing to ensure the best fit. At Allens Swimwear, our team is always ready to offer personalised advice and recommendations to help you find the perfect fit.

Can I find swimwear that balances performance with style?

Absolutely! At Allens Swimwear, we believe in combining functionality with fashion. Our extensive collection includes options that not only enhance your swimming performance but also reflect your personal style. Whether you prefer bold prints, classic cuts, or vibrant colours, you'll find swimwear that meets your performance needs while making a style statement.

Remember, at Allens Swimwear, your confidence, comfort, and satisfaction are our highest priorities. We're here to support your swimwear needs, whether you're racing against the clock or simply soaking up the joy of swimming.

At Allens Swimwear, we're proud to stock an elite range of brands that cater to the diverse needs of every swimmer, from the casual to the competitive. Each of our brands – Adidas, Arena, Finis, Funky Trunks, Nike, Speedo, and TYR – represents the pinnacle of swimwear innovation, offering styles for men that are both performance-driven and fashion-forward.

Shop with us today and get ready to hit the pool with confidence!