Explore our range of men's swimwear, suitable for both competitive and leisure swimmers. Our swimwear for men is designed to enhance your aquatic experience, whether you are looking for competitive gear or comfortable options for a leisurely dip. Our mens swimwear ensures that you feel confident and perform at your best.

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Mens RacingMens Racing
Mens SwimwearMens Swimwear
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Mens Swim JammersMens Swim Jammers

Mens Swim Jammers

Mens jammers are the go-to choice for competitive swimmers and those who take their water workouts seriously. They offer a streamlined fit, reducing drag and enhancing performance in the pool. Whether you're training for a race or just enjoy a good swim, there's a pair of jammers out there that fits your style and needs.

Mens Swimming TrunksMens Swimming Trunks

Mens Swimming Trunks

Swimming trunks for men are a popular choice for leisure swimming, as they combine comfort and style. They come in a variety of lengths and prints, from tropical motifs to solid colors, catering to every taste. Swim trunks also feature quick-drying materials and comfortable waistbands, making them ideal for both swimming and lounging by the pool. 

Mens Swimming BriefsMens Swimming Briefs

Mens Swimming Briefs

Men's swimming briefs offer optimal freedom of movement and minimal coverage, making them the perfect choice for competitive swimmers. Whether you're diving into the pool or looking to soak up the sun on your holidays, swim briefs are an excellent option. Experience the ultimate combination of style and functionality with Allens swim briefs.

Mens Swim ShortsMens Swim Shorts

Mens Swim Shorts

Swimshorts for men are a casual style, perfect for those who prefer a relaxed and comfortable fit. Swimshorts offer a classic look that never goes out of style. They are available in a wide array of vibrant patterns and colours, ensuring there's a perfect pair for every personality. Many swimshorts are equipped with mesh lining and cargo pockets for added convenience. 

Mens AquashortsMens Aquashorts

Mens Aquashorts

Mens aquashorts are the perfect middle ground between jammers and swim trunks. They offer more coverage than swim briefs but are less restrictive than jammers, making them a popular choice for both leisure and competitive swimmers. Their form-fitting design and stretchable fabrics allow for freedom in water, making them a reliable piece of mens swimwear.

Open Water Swimwear Open Water Swimwear

Open Water Swimwear

Our men's open water swimwear is designed to cater to the unique demands of swimming in natural environments such as lakes and oceans. Our open water swimwear is engineered to provide superior buoyancy, thermal insulation, and high visibility colours for safety, making it an ideal choice for both experienced and beginner open water swimmers.

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Swimming Equipment Swimming Equipment

Swimming Equipment & Accessories

At Allen's Swimwear, we aim to fulfill all your swimming needs by providing a diverse range of men's swim equipment and accessories. Our collection includes essentials such as goggles, swim caps, swim bags, swimwear, and more, ensuring we cater to every aspect of your swimming experience.

Our focus is to complement your swimwear with the right accessories, providing you with everything necessary for a seamless and enjoyable time in the water. Dive into the water with confidence in swimwear that combines performance and style, complete with the perfect accessories.

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5 Star Customer Rating

5 Star Reviews

Based on over 2,600 reviews

5 Star Reviews

Definitely recommend your products

My girls are so in love with their swimsuits like never before and that’s thanks to Allen’s Swimwear , and they love their googles and their mesh backpack too…

Ramona, 2 months ago


5 Star Reviews

Good price, good quality!

This is my second purchase from this site. The order arrived on time. Good price, good quality! The size is correct...

Alena, 3 months ago


5 Star Reviews

Love this shop!

Love this shop! I have visited on many occasions and received excellent customer service. If you need any advice this is the place to go...

Anne, 3 months ago