Our kids swimwear features a delightful array of choices that cater to the unique needs of young swimmers. From energetic patterns and colours to fun designs, our boys and girls swimwear ensures a splash of fun in every stroke. At Allens Swimwear, we understand the importance of providing children with swimwear that not only looks good but also performs well in both competitive and recreational settings. Our top swimwear brands cater to all ages and preferences. 

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Kids Racing SwimwearKids Racing Swimwear
Girls SwimwearGirls Swimwear
Boys SwimwearBoys Swimwear
Ages 0-6 SwimwearAges 0-6 Swimwear
Ages 0-6
Boys JammersBoys Jammers

Boys Jammers

Our boys jammers are ideal for both competitive and leisure swimmers, these sleek and comfortable jammers provide the ultimate freedom of movement. Our boys swimwear range ensures that young athletes can confidently dive into the pool, whether they're racing for victory or enjoying a casual swim. Upgrade your kids swimwear wardrobe with our boys jammers – the go-to choice for active boys.

Girls KneesuitsGirls Kneesuits

Girls Kneesuits

Our girls' kneesuits are designed to enhance the swimming experience for both competitive and leisurely swimmers. These kneesuits provide excellent coverage and support. Whether your young swimmer is preparing for a race or just enjoying a day at the pool, our girls' kneesuits combine comfort and style seamlessly. Boost your confidence with our girls' swimwear.

Kids Open Water SwimwearKids Open Water Swimwear

Open Water Swimwear

Our kids open water swimwear offers durable and flexible options for both boys and girls. Designed for young swimmers seeking new adventures in open water, our swimwear ensures both comfort and performance. Empower the next generation of water enthusiasts to embrace and conquer the challenges of open water environments. Shop our kids open water range, let them dive into the world of open water.

Kids Swim AidsKids Swim Aids

Kids Swimming Aids

Make learning to swim joyful with our kids swimming aids. Our aids cater to competitive training and casual water play. From floatation devices to training fins, they enhance skill development while prioritising safety. Introduce young swimmers to the water with confidence, knowing they have the support they need.

Kids GogglesKids Goggles

Kids Goggles

Our goggles are designed for both boys and girls, catering to competitive swimmers and those enjoying leisurely dips. Ensure clear vision and eye protection with our reliable kids goggles, allowing young swimmers to focus on their strokes and enjoy the water with added confidence.

Kids AccessoriesKids Accessories

Kids Accessories

Browse our range of kids swimming accessories. From colorful swim caps to playful pool toys, our accessories add a touch of fun to both competitive and leisure swim sessions. Explore our collection and discover how our kids swimming accessories enhance the overall aquatic experience for boys and girls alike.

Kids Swimwear Kids Swimwear

Kids Swimwear

Browse our collection of kids swimwear, designed for active water adventures. We offer swimwear for girls and boys, perfect for competitive swimming or casual swims. Choose from a variety of options including girls' swimsuits, bikinis, kneesuits, and tankinis, as well as boys' aquashorts, briefs, jammers, and swim shorts. Our open water and activewear selections are ideal for active play and adventures, featuring top brands like Speedo, TYR, Adidas, Nike, and more.

With options to suit every preference and provide the perfect fit for girls and boys. Experience quality and style with our kids swimwear, designed to make every splash memorable.

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5 Star Reviews

Based on over 2,680 reviews

5 Star Reviews

Great Shop

Great shop! I made online purchase. Everything was nice, quality, on time and as it was on web site. I'll shop here again for sure! Full recommendations!

A Djonko, a few days ago


5 Star Reviews

Genuine Swimming Accessories

One of the best platform to order genuine swimming accessories 

Ridge, a few days ago


5 Star Reviews

Great Goggles

Great goggles, Speedo Fastskin Elite, at a good price, and great delivery as usual from Allens. Thank you.

Rachel, a few days ago