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Product AftercareProduct Aftercare

Training Suit Aftercare

Knowledge is power and all that... so here's a few pointers on getting the most out of your training suits.

- Choose the right fabric - Use our fabric finder tool to find the right suit for you

If you're training more than twice a week you need a suit that's going to go that extra mile, so check out these higher chlorine resistance suits.

Speedo Endurance+
Arena Max-Life
Funkita C-Infinity
Amanzi Armor
Adidas Infinitex
Nike Chlorine Resistant
Maru Pacer
TYR Duralite

Training Suit Afterswim Care

Rinse your suit after use in cold water with a mild soap to remove chlorine and pool chemicals that cause fabric to degrade. Leave your suit to dry naturally, avoiding sunlight whcih can fade your suit. Avoid putting your suit in washing machines or tumble driers. Take care with rough surfaces, such as the poolside as this will cause 'bobbling' or tears to your suit.

Top 5 Tips for getting the most out of your suit:

Rinse your suit after use in cold water with a mild soap to remove chlorine and pool chemicals that cause fabric to degrade.

Leave to dry naturally.

Avoid putting suits in washing machines or tumble driers.

Take care to avoid rough surfaces with your suit like sitting poolside as this will cause 'bobbling' or tears to the suit.

Choose the right tools for the job - check out our fabric guide to find the right suit for you.

Performance Swimwear Aftercare

Extend the life of your racesuit by following our simple steps:

- Only wear the suit while racing
- avoid wearing the suit during warm-ups and training as this will reduce the lifespan of your suit.
- Protect your suit between races - cover up with shirts and shorts when out of the pool to avoid snagging your suit on the poolside.
- Allow plenty of time put the suit on and take off
- Race suits can take around 15 minutes to get on/off so make sure you have plenty of time for this (no lie-ins!) Take care to pull your suit on and off to avoid overstretching or catching it on your nails - rushing and catching the suit on your nails is the most common cause of damage we see to race suits.
- Leave to dry naturally
- Leave your suit on a flat surface to dry and not hanging up as this helps the suit to retain its natural shape for longer without being stretched. Avoid sunlight which can fade your suit's colours.
- Be Prepared - this might be the Scout motto but it still stands - always have a spare suit with you - no explantion necessary!

Goggle Aftercare

We'd like you to have a well-fitting pair of goggles that last well, so check out our guide below to getting the most out of your new goggles. Foggy lenses cauing you problems at the pool? We know it's tempting to give your goggles a quick wipe with your fingers when they steam up (we've all done it!) but STOP, check out these tried & tetsed tricks instead:

- Keep touching lenses to a minimum to prolong the anti-fog coating on the lenses.

- Splash your face with cool water before putting on your goggles

- warm body heat and cool pools can cause condensation on your goggles.

- Foggy during your swim?

- Rinse your goggles with pool water to clear the problem.

- Try spit in your goggles - yes really! Professional swimmers use this technique - spit into the lense and give it a shake - the saliva provides a thin layer of moisture to the lenses which deters condensation. Not recommended midswim.

After Swim Care Tips

For all those out there who leave their goggles at the bottom of the kit bag until next time... you know who you are!

- Rinse goggles in cold water without soap to remove chlorine.

- Store goggles in a protective case when in your kit bag to avoid scratches on the lenses.

- Leave to dry naturally avoiding sunlight.

- Apply anti-fog coating then rinse with water and allow to dry overnight. TRY IT, LOVE IT OR RETURN IT

- Good Goggle Guarantee

We'd love you to be happy with your new goggle purchase from us, but if for wahtever reason this isn't the case, then any pair of goggles (including packaging) over £25 can be returned for a store credit. Simply email us at [email protected] for further details.

Swim Kit Bag Care

Let's face it they take a bit of a hammering don't they? Lugged about, thrown on the changing room floor, stuffed in a locker.. I could go on, but give your back the TLC it deserves and it should keep going forever... well no, but definitely longer! So that kit's been in your bag since last training session and it's starting to give off a bad smell, time for a kit bag pamper session!


Empty out all your kit from time to time - yes all of it and give it a wipe with warm soapy water - this will remove any buildup of nasty stuff at the bottom of your bag and will keep it fresh. Store your wet gear in the mesh pockets or in a wet kit bag and take these out when you get home - yes, right away. Wipe the inside of your bag with a disinfectant wipe to remove debris and bacteria and other nasties. Treat your bag to a wash - check the care instructions but this can often be done in a washing machine with a cool wash (30 degrees) and a gentle cycle and using only washing powder. Allow your kit bag to air dry naturally