TYR are a well-established US swimwear company celebrated for their wide range of competition and training or leisure swimwear with vibrant patterns and bright colours which are guaranteed to make you stand out in and out of the pool as well as their impressive range of accessories, not least being their famed Alliance Backpack, which remains a great choice for storing your swim gear.

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  1. TYR Womens Vitric Trinityfit - Blue
  2. TYR Womens Vitric Diamondfit - Red
  3. TYR Womens Vitric Diamondfit - Blue/Green
  4. TYR Womens Vitric Diamondfit - Purple
  5. TYR Womens Vitric Diamondfit - Blue
    TYR Womens Vitric Diamondfit - Blue
    As low as £30.44
  6. TYR Womens Vitric Diamondfit - Green
  7. TYR Womens Bohemian Diamondfit - Red
  8. TYR Womens Torch Cutoutfit - Black/Multi
  9. TYR Womens Solid Crosscut Tieback - Pool
  10. TYR Womens Lapped Solid Cutoutfit - Sky Blue
  11. TYR Mens Vitality Jammer - Black/Red
  12. TYR Mens Vitality Jammer - Black/Purple
  13. TYR Mens Vitality Jammer - Navy/Blue
  14. TYR Mens Vitality Jammer - Black/Green
  15. TYR Mens Speedwarp Jammer - Black/Red
  16. TYR Mens Fizzy Jammer - Black/Purple
  17. TYR Mens Fizzy Jammer - Blue/Green
    TYR Mens Fizzy Jammer - Blue/Green
    As low as £40.59
  18. TYR Mens Fizzy Jammer - Black/Blue
  19. TYR Mens Fizzy Jammer - Black/Orange
  20. TYR Mens Crystalized Blade Splice Jammer - Black/Red
  21. TYR Mens Crystalized Blade Splice Jammer - Navy/Blue/Green
  22. TYR Mens Crystalized Blade Splice Jammer - Navy/Blue
  23. TYR Mens Crystalized Blade Splice Jammer - Black/Green
  24. TYR Mens Crystalized Blade Splice Jammer - Black/Navy/Pink
  25. TYR Mens Sentry Jammer - Teal/Aqua
  26. TYR Mens Infrared Jammer - Navy/Multi
  27. TYR Womens Infrared Diamondfit - Navy/Multi
  28. TYR Mens Speedwarp Jammer - Blue
  29. TYR Mens Speedwarp Jammer - Green
  30. TYR Mens Speedwarp Jammer - Titanium

Result:  1-30 (of 251)

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TYR Swimwear

Established in 1985, TYR Swimwear has grown to become a leader in the swimwear industry and one of the world’s most recognisable swimming and fitness brands. Renowned for designing high-quality, innovative swimwear and equipment designed for competition and recreation, TYR provides the competitive swim market with new, innovative technical swimwear. They cater to men, women, kids, offering everything from TYR performance swimwear and racing suits to goggles and training equipment, all engineered with the latest technology to enhance the swimming experience. TYR FINA approved swimwear, ensures that competitive swimmers can find regulation-compliant suits for championship events.

TYR sets itself apart from competitors with its commitment to durability, style, and performance, ensuring that each piece not only meets but exceeds the demands of swimmers of all levels, whether it's for personal records or world championships.

In addition to their dedication to quality and performance, TYR is also committed to sustainability and reducing their environmental impact. The brand uses recycled materials in many of their products and has implemented eco-friendly practices in their production process. This includes using solar energy, reducing water usage, and recycling scrap fabrics.

Aside from their high-quality products, TYR has also had a significant impact on the swimming community as a whole. They sponsor many top-level athletes and events, including Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky and the USA Swimming National Team, showcasing the quality of TYR's products and their commitment to supporting and promoting the sport of swimming. TYR also partners with various organisations and charities, such as Swim Across America, to give back to the community and support important causes.

Finding the right fit is crucial for optimal performance in the water. Whether you're sprinting down the pool lane for your morning workout or setting new personal records at competitive events, ensure your TYR swimwear fits like a second skin. Our detailed TYR swimwear size chart for men, women, kids are designed to help you select the perfect size for maximum comfort and performance.

For juniors and children, sizing can vary significantly based on age and growth. We recommend referring to our online sizing guide for the most accurate and updated measurements.

By selecting the correct size, you not only ensure comfort but also reduce the risk of wear and tear, extending the life of your TYR swimwear.

At Allens Swimwear, we are proud to stock a wide range of TYR Swimwear and equipment, supporting swimmers in their pursuit of performance, training, fitness, and fun.

Mens TYR Swimwear

TYR presents an extensive collection of men's swimwear, for both competitive swimming and leisure activities. Our range includes the most sought-after TYR mens swimwear, featuring both racing and training jammers constructed from their trademark Durafast fabric. This material is celebrated for its exceptional chlorine resistance and ability to retain colour. TYR racing swimwear has emerged as the preferred choice for male competitive swimmers globally.

Womens TYR Swimwear

With a focus on performance and style, TYR ladies swimwear is designed to help women of all ages and abilities feel confident and comfortable in the water. Our TYR womens swimwear range includes a variety of kneesuits and one-piece swimsuits.

Our womens TYR racing swimwear includes a selection of performance kneesuits designed for competitive swimmers. These swim race suits are crafted with advanced technology to reduce drag and enhance speed in the water, making them a favoured choice among professional athletes and competitive swimmers alike. With TYR's focus on innovation and performance, their women's racing swimwear embodies the perfect blend of functionality and style, providing swimmers with the confidence and support needed to perform at their best.

Our TYR one piece swimwear offers the perfect balance for training sessions, providing greater freedom than a kneesuit while offering more coverage than two piece swimwear.

Kids TYR Swimwear

Whether it's for training or recreational use, parents can trust TYR products to keep their child comfortable and supported in the water. Our TYR kids range includes junior swimming goggles, bags, and caps, all designed with the same high quality and performance standards.

TYR Open Water  and Triathlon Gear

For open water and triathlon swimmers, explore our range of open water equipment including bags and goggles.  TYR's triathlon gear is designed to provide the necessary support and comfort for tackling the open water.

TYR Swim Equipment

From goggles and caps to training kickboards and snorkels, TYR's swim equipment is made with the same high-quality standards as their swimwear, designed to enhance performance and aid in training. By using innovative materials and advanced designs, TYR's swim equipment helps swimmers of all levels improve their technique and reach their full potential in the water.

TYR bags  and backpacks

For swimmers on the go, TYR also offers a variety of mesh bags and backpacks designed specifically for carrying swim gear. These durable and spacious bags are perfect for storing towels, goggles, caps, and other accessories while traveling to and from the pool or beach. With features like waterproof compartments and ventilated pockets, TYR's bags make it easy to carry your swim essentials.

Training Equipment

To help swimmers train and perform at their best, TYR offers a range of training accessories such as kickboards, pull buoys, snorkels and paddles. These tools are designed to target specific muscle groups and improve overall strength and endurance in the water. Whether you're a beginner looking to improve your technique or an elite athlete aiming for peak performance.

TYR Swim Caps

In addition to being a functional piece of equipment, swim caps are also a way for swimmers to express their personal style and represent their team or country. TYR offers a variety of swim cap options, from latex and silicone caps to fun and colorful designs.

Swimming Accessories

For swimmers who struggle with water getting into their ears or nose, TYR also offers ear plugs and nose clips. These small yet effective accessories help to keep water out, allowing for a more comfortable and enjoyable swimming experience. Made with soft and flexible materials, TYR's ear plugs and nose clips provide a snug fit without causing discomfort or interfering with performance in the water.

TYR Swimming Goggles

TYR's swimming goggles are a standout product in their equipment range. Designed for both recreational and competitive swimmers, these goggles come in a variety of styles and lens options to suit different needs. The brand's patented cushion gaskets provide a comfortable and leak-free fit, while their anti-fog coating ensures clear vision throughout your swim session. With options for adults and children, TYR's swimming goggles are a trusted choice for swimmers looking for reliable eye protection in the pool.

TYR Racing goggles

For competitive swimmers looking to gain an edge in the water, TYR's racing goggles are a top choice. These sleek and streamlined goggles are designed for minimal drag and maximum performance. With features such as low profile lenses, interchangeable nose bridges, and adjustable straps, these goggles offer a customized fit for each individual swimmer.

Fitness Swim Goggles

In addition to their racing goggles, TYR also offers a range of fitness swim goggles. These are designed for swimmers who want a more comfortable and relaxed fit without compromising on performance. With features like wide peripheral vision, adjustable straps, and anti-fog coating, these goggles are perfect for both recreational and fitness-oriented swimmers.

Female Fit Goggles

For female swimmers, TYR offers a specific line of goggles designed to fit the contours of a woman's face. These goggles have smaller frame sizes and softer gaskets for a more comfortable fit. They also come in feminine colors and designs, making them both functional and stylish. Whether for competitive or recreational use, TYR's female fit goggles are an excellent choice for women looking for high-quality eye protection in the pool.

Kids Swim Goggles 

For the little ones, TYR also has a range of swim goggles designed specifically for children. These goggles come in fun and colorful designs to make swimming more enjoyable for kids. They also feature easy-adjust straps and soft frames for a comfortable fit on smaller faces. With options for different age groups, these goggles are perfect for introducing children to swimming and helping them feel confident in the pool.

Open Water Goggles  

In addition to pool goggles, TYR also offers a selection of open water goggles for swimmers who love to take on the challenge of swimming in open waters. These goggles have features like polarized lenses and UV protection to reduce glare and protect from the sun's harmful rays. They also have a larger frame size for increased peripheral vision and comfort during longer swims.

Custom Team Apparel

As a leading brand in the swimming industry, TYR also offers custom team apparel for swim teams and clubs. With customisable options for swimsuits, caps, bags, and more, teams can showcase their unique identity while wearing high-quality and durable gear.

TYR Swimwear Sale

For those looking for a budget-friendly option, browse our TYR swimwear sale. Our swimwear sale makes it easier to find affordable yet high-quality swimwear options. Take advantage of our TYR swimwear clearance sale today and secure the best deals before they're gone!


What materials does TYR use in their swimwear?

TYR utilizes high-quality and durable materials such as Durafast Elite, Durafast One, and LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ for their swimwear.

Are TYR's swimming goggles suitable for competitive swimmers?

Yes, TYR has a wide range of swimming goggles designed specifically for competitive swimmers with features such as low profile design, anti-fog coating, and customizable nose bridges.

Does TYR offer any other equipment besides swimwear and goggles?

Yes, TYR also offers a variety of training equipment such as kickboards, pull buoys, and resistance cords. They also have a line of swim accessories including caps, fins, and snorkels.

Do TYR swimwear products come with UV protection?

Yes, many TYR swimwear items are crafted with UV protection to safeguard the skin of swimmers from harmful sun rays, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor swimming sessions.

Can I find swimwear suitable for long-distance swimming?

Absolutely, TYR offers a range of swimwear designed for endurance and long-distance swimmers. These products focus on providing comfort, support, and durability, essential for those long training sessions or competitive events.

Are there TYR products designed specifically for triathletes?

Indeed, TYR boasts an exclusive line of triathlon gear, including wetsuits, trisuits, and swimskins, engineered to enhance performance in swimming, biking, and running segments of a triathlon.

How do I choose the right size of TYR swimwear for the best fit?

TYR provides a detailed size guide for both men and women on their website, helping customers select the perfect size based on their measurements for optimal comfort and performance.

Is there a warranty on TYR swimwear and accessories?

Yes, TYR products come with a warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. Make sure to check the specific warranty period and conditions for each product.