Swimming Equipment

Our swimming equipment is designed to enhance your time in the water, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned swimmer. Our all-encompassing swimming equipment section offers everything from kickboards and pullbuoys to paddles and snorkels. These tools are excellent for both adults and children to learn and refine their techniques, giving them a competitive edge or simply making swimming more enjoyable.

Dive into our collection at Allens Swimwear and discover the difference quality swimming equipment can make. With our commitment to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service, we aim to be your go-to destination for all your swimming needs.

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  1. Amanzi Spearmint Hand Paddle Set - Green
    Amanzi Spearmint Hand Paddle Set - Green
    As low as £17.10
  2. Amanzi Jewel Hand Paddle Set - Purple
  3. Amanzi Jet Hand Paddle Set - Black
  4. Joma Diamond II Backpack - Royal
  5. Joma Diamond II Backpack - Red
  6. Joma Diamond II Backpack - Green
  7. Joma Diamond II Backpack - Navy
  8. Joma Diamond II Backpack - Black/Fluo Green
  9. Joma Diamond II Backpack - Black/Fluo Turquoise
  10. Joma Diamond II Backpack - Black/Yellow
  11. Joma Diamond II Backpack - Black/Green
  12. TYR Elite Mesh Backpack - Black
  13. Amanzi Jewel Kickboard - Purple
  14. Amanzi Pixie Kickboard - Pink
  15. Amanzi Aquarius Kickboard - Blue
  16. Amanzi Spearmint Kickboard - Green
  17. Amanzi Jet Kickboard - Black
  18. Amanzi Spearmint Hand Paddle Strap Kit - Green
  19. Amanzi Jewel Hand Paddle Strap Kit - Purple
  20. Amanzi Pixie Hand Paddle Strap Kit - Pink
  21. Amanzi Azure Hand Paddle Strap Kit - Blue
  22. Amanzi Jet Hand Paddle Strap Kit - Black
  23. Amanzi Bitwave Mesh Bag - Multi
  24. Amanzi Daisyscape Mesh Bag - Multi
  25. Amanzi Leopard Luxe Mesh Bag - Multi
  26. Amanzi Luminaria Mesh Bag - Multi
  27. Amanzi Rexi Mesh Bag - Multi
  28. Way Funky In Bloom Mesh Gear Bag - Multi
  29. Way Funky Wildermess Elite Squad Backpack - Multi
  30. Way Funky Funk Me Elite Squad Backpack - Multi

Result:  1-30 (of 1574)

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Shop Swim Equipment

Our range of swim equipment is designed to meet every swimmer's need, ensuring you feel supported, whether your training for a swimming race or learning to swim or perfecting your technique.

Dive into clarity with our selection of swimming goggles, designed for comfort and optimal vision in every stroke. For those who always find themselves carrying more than they can handle, our swim bags are spacious, durable, and stylish—perfect for all your swim essentials.

Elevate your training with our swim training equipment, including kickboards, pull buoys, and fins; all engineered to improve your technique and performance. Our swim accessories, like ear plugs and nose clips, ensure you’re well-equipped to focus on your swim, distraction-free.

Protect your hair and streamline your swim with our range of swim caps, available in a variety of materials to suit your preference. Post-swim, dry off in comfort with our soft and super-absorbent swim towels.

Our goggle cases keep your goggles safe and scratch-free. Our selection of footwear ensures you move confidently in and out of the pool area. For precision in tracking your improvements, our stopwatches are a swimmer’s best friend. And for the adventurers, our open water equipment is designed to enhance your natural swimming experience, providing safety and buoyancy in the open water.

Trust us to be with you at every stroke, turn, and splash. Your passion is our priority.

Swimming Equipment Range

  • Swimming Goggles: Enhance your under-water vision without sacrificing comfort. Designed to prevent water from entering your eyes, our goggles offer seal-tight protection and anti-fog lenses for clear, uninterrupted vision, ensuring you can focus on your technique and enjoy every swim.
  • Swim Bags: Our spacious and durable swim bags are crafted with the swimmer’s convenience in mind. With multiple compartments, they offer ample space to organize and carry all your swim gear, ensuring everything has its place and is easily accessible when you need it.
  • Swim Caps: Our swim caps protect your hair from chlorine damage while minimizing drag in the water, improving your speed and efficiency. Available in various materials to suit your preference and fit comfortably.
  • Ear Plugs & Nose Clips: Protect your ears from water and reduce the risk of swimmers’ ear with our comfortable ear plugs. Nose clips prevent water from entering your nasal passage, allowing you to focus on your breathing technique.
  • Towels: Dry off quickly with our super-absorbent swim towels. Soft and durable, they're designed for comfort and convenience post-swim, making them an essential part of your swim kit.
  • Goggle Cases & Straps: Keep your goggles protected and scratch-free with our goggle cases. Adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit, reducing the risk of leaks and enhancing your overall swimming experience.
  • Footwear: Our range of footwear is designed to keep you safe and comfortable in and around the pool area, offering slip-resistant soles and quick-drying materials.
  • Stopwatches: Perfect for coaches and serious swimmers, our stopwatches provide precision in tracking time, helping you monitor your progress and achievements.
  • Open Water Swimming Equipment: For those who venture beyond the pool, our cold water swimming equipment, including safety buoys and thermal protection, provides the security and buoyancy needed for a safe and enjoyable open water experience.

Trust us to offer not just equipment but solutions that enhance your swimming experience, supporting your every stroke and turn with quality and care.

Swimming Training Equipment

Whether you're just starting your swimming journey or aiming to refine your techniques, our comprehensive range of equipment for swimming training is here to support you every splash of the way. From kickboards that help in enhancing your leg strength and improving buoyancy, to pull buoys that focus on strengthening your upper body by isolating your legs, we’ve thoughtfully curated our products to suit every swimmer’s needs. Our training fins increase your speed and develop the correct kick technique, while hand paddles improve your stroke efficiency. Each piece of equipment is designed with the swimmer's progress and comfort in mind, proving our commitment to not only meet but exceed your expectations in and out of the water.

  • Fins: Fins add a new dimension to your swimming regime. They help in improving leg strength and ankle flexibility, increasing your speed in the water. Additionally, they add variety to your training sessions, making them more fun and challenging.
  • Snorkel: A snorkel lets you breathe continuously while swimming, allowing you to focus solely on improving your stroke technique without turning your head for air. It's especially beneficial in enhancing your body alignment and stroke efficiency.
  • Kickboard: Kickboards are great tools for focusing on your lower body strength and improving your kick technique. They provide buoyancy and allow swimmers to isolate their legs, ensuring a more targeted workout.
  • Pull Buoy: Ideal for upper body training, pull buoys help to develop arm strength and endurance by immobilizing the legs, forcing the upper body to do all the work. They also assist in improving body alignment and stroke efficiency.
  • Paddles: Paddles are designed to increase water resistance, making your arms work harder and thus strengthening your upper body. They also help in improving stroke technique and ensuring a more powerful arm pull.
  • Water Bottles: Staying hydrated is key during intense swim sessions. Our water bottles are designed to be leak-proof and easy to use poolside, ensuring you stay hydrated throughout your training.

Swimming Equipment for Kids

At the heart of fostering a love for swimming in the younger generation, we offer a comprehensive range of Swimming Equipment for Kids that caters to their unique needs and ensures their safety and comfort in the water. Our collection includes everything from fun and functional Goggles, designed to protect their eyes without causing discomfort, to Swim Aids that help build their confidence and skills in the water.

Explore our wide selection of accessories tailored for kids, including Bags to pack their swim gear, Fins for enhanced swimming technique, Caps to keep their hair secure, and Snorkels for exciting underwater adventures. Each product is carefully designed with the safety and comfort of young swimmers in mind, helping them enjoy every splash and stroke.

Choose our swimming equipment for your little champions, and watch them glide through their swimming journeys with joy and ease.

Our Trusted Brands

We understand that quality, reliability, and style are important to you when selecting swimming equipment. That's why we proudly stock an extensive range of trusted brands, each known for their excellence in swim gear innovation and design. Our top brands include Arena, renowned for its technology and superior comfort; Speedo, a household name celebrated for its durable and high-performance gear; and TYR, beloved for its vibrant designs and competitive edge. We also offer selections from Amanzi, and Nike, providing stylish options for every swimmer.

For the younger swimmers, or those with a love for bold and unique swimwear, Zoggs, Adidas, Maru, and Funkita offer an array of colourful and fun designs that don't compromise on quality. The Way Funky brand, along with Finis and Swans, cater to those looking for something a bit different, whether it's for performance enhancement or just a standout piece at the pool.

In addition to these, we carry specialised equipment from Vorgee, Fastime, Swim Secure, and Hilco, ensuring that we meet the diverse needs of our swimming community. For those interested in exploring other brands, we have View, AquaSphere, Joma, HUUB, Swimzi, and Funky Trunks, each offering unique benefits and styles.

Lastly, for those focused on niche aspects of their swimming experience, we provide products from Look Clear, Zone3, TWF, Earol, and Waterproof, ensuring that every detail of your swim is covered, from clarity under water to ear protection and waterproofing solutions.

Rest assured, each brand we stock has been carefully selected for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, reflecting our commitment to providing you with the best possible swimming experiences.

Swimming Equipment Sale

We're thrilled to share with you our extensive range of swimming equipment currently on sale, designed to support and enhance your swimming experience, whether you're poolside or facing the open waters.

  • Bags: Our selection includes durable, water-resistant bags, perfect for keeping your swimming essentials organised and dry. From spacious backpacks to sleek mesh bags, find the ideal companion for your swimming gear.
  • Goggles: With our sale, it’s the perfect time to grab a pair of high-quality goggles. Offering a wide range of options for adults and children, our goggles are designed for comfort, performance, and clarity under water. Whether you're competitive swimming or just enjoying a leisurely swim, finding the right pair has never been easier.
  • Caps: Protect your hair and reduce drag with our range of swim caps. Available in various materials such as silicone, latex, and fabric, these caps come in a multitude of colours and designs to match your style.
  • Training Aids: Elevate your training sessions with our discounted training aids. From kickboards and pull buoys to fins and hand paddles, each piece is designed to target different aspects of your swimming technique and enhance your performance in the water.
  • Open Water Accessories: For the adventurers and triathletes, we have a collection of open water accessories on sale. This includes safety buoys, thermal swimwear, and specially designed open water goggles to keep you safe and comfortable in various water conditions.

We’re here to help you find the perfect items to meet your swimming needs, offering unbeatable prices without compromising on quality or performance. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we can't wait to see how our equipment helps you reach new swimming heights.


How do I choose the right swimming goggles for me?

Selecting the perfect pair of goggles depends on your need and comfort. For competitive swimmers, we recommend goggles with a snug fit and minimal drag. Leisure swimmers might prefer goggles with more comfort and wider vision. Always ensure that your goggles have a good seal to prevent water leakage.

What swim cap material is best for me?

Silicone caps are durable and snug, making them a favourite among competitive swimmers. Latex caps, although thinner and less durable, provide a tighter fit and are more budget-friendly. Fabric caps are comfortable for leisure swimming but don’t offer the same level of protection against water.

Can training aids really improve my swimming technique?

Absolutely! Training aids like kickboards, pull buoys, fins, and hand paddles are designed to focus on improving specific aspects of your swimming technique, such as strength, speed, and efficiency. Using them as part of your training can significantly enhance your performance in the water.

Are open water accessories necessary for swimming in the sea or a lake?

While not strictly necessary, open water accessories can greatly enhance your safety and comfort. Items like safety buoys make you more visible to boats and other swimmers, while thermal swimwear protects you against cold temperatures. Specially designed open water goggles offer clearer vision and greater comfort in natural water conditions.

For any more queries or personalized advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we’re always here to support your swimming journey with expert guidance and high-quality equipment.

What's the best way to care for my swimming gear?

To prolong the life of your swimming gear, rinse it in cold, fresh water after every use and allow it to air dry away from direct sunlight. Avoid using fabric softeners or washing your gear in hot water, as this can damage the material. For goggles, a gentle rinse will help prevent chlorine damage and keep them clear for your next swim. Storage is also key; ensure your gear is completely dry before storing it in a cool, dry place.

For personalized advice on maintaining your specific gear, our customer service team is always on hand to help. We're passionate about making your swimming experience the best it can be, with gear that lasts.