Swimwear Sale

Dive into savings with our incredible online swimwear sale!  We're making waves with unbeatable deals on a vast array of swimwear and essentials, catering to both competitive and leisurely swimmers. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just love to splash around, our swimwear sale has something for everyone.

Our swimwear sale range includes high-quality products, featuring everything from designer swimming trunks and stylish swimsuits to goggles and comfortable slide sandals that are perfect for post-swim. This season, make a splash with confidence, knowing you've got the best gear at prices that won't leave you treading water.

Explore our selection of discounted designer swimwear for women, men, and kids, all available at generous reductions.

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  1. Arena Womens V Back Placement Swimsuit - Black/Multi
  2. Arena Womens V Back Placement Swimsuit - Black/Blue/White
  3. Arena Womens One Tech Swimsuit - Black/Multi
    Arena Womens One Tech Swimsuit - Black/Multi
    As low as £28.95 £36.19
  4. Arena Womens Marbled Lightdrop Back Swimsuit - Navy/Multi
  5. Arena Womens Marbled Lightdrop Back Swimsuit - Navy/Red/Multi
  6. Womens Marbled Lightdrop Back Swimsuit - Black/Multi
  7. Amanzi Womens Prism Pulse Kneesuit
  8. Amanzi Girls Prism Pulse Kneesuit
  9. Amanzi Womens Tactica Kneesuit
  10. Amanzi Girls Tactica Kneesuit
  11. Amanzi Womens Skylar Kneesuit - Blue
  12. Amanzi Girls Skylar Kneesuit - Blue
    Amanzi Girls Skylar Kneesuit - Blue
    As low as £40.05 £47.12
  13. Amanzi Womens Dreamscale Kneesuit
  14. Amanzi Girls Dreamscale Kneesuit
    Amanzi Girls Dreamscale Kneesuit
    As low as £40.05 £47.12
  15. Nike Hydrastrong Multiple Print Spiderback One Piece - Pink
  16. Speedo Boys Long Sleeve Printed Rash Top - Green/Blue
  17. Speedo Boys Long Sleeve Printed Rash Top - Black/Blue
  18. Speedo Girls Printed Panel Long Sleeve All-In-One Sun Suit - Pink/Blue
  19. Speedo Boys Printed Panel Long Sleeve All-In-One Sun Suit - Blue/Black/Multi
  20. Speedo Boys Long Sleeve Printed Rash Top - Black/Green
  21. Speedo Girls Koala Sun Protection Top & Short - Purple/Pink
  22. Speedo Koala Printed Float Suit - Pink/Purple
  23. Womens AK Tieback - Blue/Yellow
  24. Womens AK Tieback - Black/Pink
    Womens AK Tieback - Black/Pink
    As low as £26.84
  25. Womens AK Tieback - Red Pepper
  26. Womens AK Tieback - Neon Cherry
  27. Womens AK Tieback - Antigua
  28. Womens AK Tieback - Boston
  29. Womens AK Tieback - Drago
  30. Womens AK Tieback - Cabernet

Result:  1-30 (of 445)

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Swimwear Sale

Access high-quality swimwear and equipment at significantly reduced prices. Our swimwear sale offers a variety of options for both competitive and leisurely swimmers. From performance-oriented racing jammers and kneesuits to leisure pieces perfect for training or relaxing by the pool, you'll discover everything you need for your next aquatic adventure.

Our sale extends to swimming equipment as well. Whether you require goggles providing clear underwater vision, swim caps for hair protection and enhanced performance, or training aids to refine your technique, we have a range of discounted swim equipment available.

Explore the latest designs and technology that provide a competitive edge in training and competitions, all without the hefty price tag. With our sale, you can enjoy top-notch quality and performance without compromise.

Our sale caters not only to competitive swimmers but also to leisure swimmers and beginners. These discounted deals offer an excellent opportunity for those embarking on their swimming journey, providing access to comfortable, durable, and affordable gear that supports their initial steps into the water without a significant financial burden.

Our swimwear sale serves as an ideal starting point for anyone interested in swimming, whether for fitness, leisure, or as a gateway to competitive pursuits. Browse through our selection to find the best deals on swimwear and equipment.

Swimwear Deals for the Whole Family

We believe that everyone deserves to feel fantastic in their swimwear, whether you're training for your next meet or simply enjoying a family day at the pool. We hold a long-standing tradition of sourcing the finest swimwear from celebrated brands, ensuring that you get the mix of durability, comfort, and stylish swimwear you're looking for.

Ladies Swimwear Sale

For our female swimmers, our sale includes kneesuits, swimsuits, bikinis and open water swimwear for both competitive racing and leisure swimming. Tailored to enhance performance, provide comfort, and offer stylish designs, these pieces cater to the needs of every swimmer. From elite racers seeking to shave seconds off their time to leisure swimmers looking for quality without compromise, our selection promises something for everyone. The innovation behind each suit ensures you can glide through the water with ease and confidence, making it the perfect time to upgrade your swimwear collection.


We have a selection of kneesuits on sale. These full-coverage swimsuits reduce drag, allowing you to swim faster and more efficiently for racing or training. With various colours and patterns available, you can find the perfect kneesuit to match your personal style at discounted rates.

One-Piece Suits on Sale

Discover our wide range of discounted swimsuits from leading brands like Speedo, Arena, Nike, and TYR! Find the perfect swimming costume on sale that balances the coverage of a kneesuit with the simplicity of a bikini, ideal for those seeking modesty without sacrificing mobility. Enjoy a snug fit without the tight squeeze of kneesuits, and more coverage for hassle-free swimming. Shop swimsuits on sale and choose from a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors to find your perfect match at unbeatable prices.

Bikinis & Tankinis on Sale

If you prefer more freedom and flexibility, we also have an exciting sale on bikinis and tankinis for women. With a variety of sizes and styles available, you can personalise your fit, choosing different sizes for the top and bottom if necessary. Our bikinis are perfect for training sessions, a relaxing swim, or sunbathing, providing an optimal combination of comfort and style. Discover the ideal bikini or tankini to complement your body shape, whether you're training or simply enjoying a leisurely swim.

Mens Swimwear Sale

Explore our men's swimwear sale, whether you're gearing up for a competition or just planning to enjoy a leisurely day at the pool, our mens swimwear sale has you covered with an extensive range of discounted jammers, briefs, trunks, and swim shorts. Each piece is designed for performance, comfort, and style, ensuring you feel confident and focused, whether you're shaving off seconds in a race or soaking up the sun. With unbeatable prices on high-quality swimwear, now is the perfect time to upgrade your aquatic wardrobe.

Swimming Jammers

Among our men's swimwear sale, our swimming jammer selection stands out as a customer favourite. These form-fitting knee-length swimsuits offer the perfect balance of coverage and flexibility, making them ideal for competitions or training. Our sale includes a variety of colours and patterns, so you can choose the style that best suits your taste.

Swimming Briefs

For our male customers who prefer a more traditional fit, we also have a selection of briefs on sale. These classic swimwear styles provide maximum range of motion and minimal drag in the water. With multiple sizes available, you can find the perfect fit for your body shape.

Swimming Trunks

Explore our range of swimming trunks on sale, catering to swimmers across all age groups. Designed for a more relaxed fit, these swim trunks are the perfect pick for casual water activities or simply relaxing poolside. They offer sufficient coverage and comfort, without the tight compression found in jammers for a more leisurely experience. Our sale collection features a variety of designs and patterns. Ideal for holidaymakers or those swimming for leisure, our swim trunks achieve an excellent mix of practicality and style. This makes them a versatile choice for a wide array of water-related activities outside the competitive sphere.

Swim Shorts    

For those who prefer a looser fit, we have men's swim shorts on sale. These comfortable and versatile swim shorts are perfect for the pool or beach. With quick-drying fabric and an adjustable drawstring waist, these shorts offer the ultimate combination of performance and comfort.

Kids Swimwear Sale

Plunge into our exclusive swimwear sale tailored for kids! Discover an extensive selection of girls' swimsuits, boys' swimming briefs, and swimwear for children aged 0-6. Additionally, enhance their aquatic adventures with essential accessories like goggles and caps. Elevate your child's swimming experience without stretching your budget, with our special discounts on kids' swimwear.

Girls Swimwear Sale

For our young swimmers ready to make a splash, check out our girl's swimwear sale for unbeatable discounts on a variety of swimwear types perfect for swimming lessons, race meets, or training. Dive into our deals featuring playful prints that capture the imagination and vibrant colours that stand out. Our girls swimwear sale has something for every young lady. Each piece is designed for comfort, ease of movement, and durability, all available at low prices.

Boys Swimwear Sale

Equip your young champions with our boys’ swimwear sale, featuring pieces that are built for fun and engineered for performance. Secure the best in quality at prices that make every parent smile.

Ages 0-6 Swimwear Sale

It's never too early to start their swimming adventure. Our exclusive range for ages 0-6 offers the utmost in comfort and protection for the smallest swimmers, ensuring they're happy and safe while they learn and play.

Racing Swimwear on Sale - Men, Womens & Kids

Within our swimwear sale, you'll find fantastic bargains on elite racing swimwear. Whether you're a professional athlete or dedicated enthusiast, we offer an extensive range of high-performance swimsuits for men, women and kids.

Men's Racing Swimwear Sale

Discover unbeatable discounts on our men's race swimwear collection. From high-performance racing jammers, wetsuits, to goggles and swim caps, we offer the latest in fabric technology and design at low prices. Our discounted racing swimwear for men is engineered for reduced drag, superior fit, and maximum comfort, helping you shave off seconds from your lap times. Whether you're gearing up for a competition or aiming to beat your personal best, our sale on race-ready swimwear and accessories guarantees top performance without sacrificing quality. Shop now for the best deals!

Women's Racing Swimwear Sale

Designed to give female swimmers the edge they need in competition, our women’s race swimwear combines style with substance. Take advantage of our amazing discounts on one-piece suits, two-piece sets and more, all crafted from premium materials for superior speed and support.

Our women's race swimwear is engineered to provide competitive female swimmers with the advantage they need to excel. Don't miss out on our womens racing swimwear sale - amazing discounts across a wide range of options, from racing kneesuits to goggles and caps, all at unbeatable prices. Crafted from premium materials, our swimwear ensures superior speed and support. Dive into our sale today and elevate your performance with our top-quality, low-priced selections. Grab yours now and make waves in your next competition!

Kids' Racing Swimwear Sale

Kickstart your child's racing career with our exceptional sale on kids’ race swimwear. Explore a wide selection of sizes, styles, and colours designed to instill confidence in your young swimmer as they dive into the pool. Whether they're just beginning or already have races under their belt, we provide the ideal racing swimsuit for every young athlete.

Understanding the pivotal role of proper gear in competitive swimming, we aim to equip emerging young champions with everything they need to unlock their full potential. Our sale on kids racing swimwear showcases an array of race tech suits including kneesuits, jammers, and wetsuits, crafted for peak performance. These suits integrate advanced fabric technology to minimize drag and deliver an exceptional fit, empowering young swimmers to concentrate on their technique and speed, unimpeded by their attire.

Open Water Sale

For those who enjoy swimming in open water, we have a selection of swimwear on sale for men and women. Our wetsuits and rash guards offer the perfect combination of warmth, comfort and buoyancy to enhance your performance in the open water. With discounted prices, you can now gear up for your next open water adventure without breaking the bank.

Open Water Swimwear -  Wetsuits & Jammers

Womens Open Water: Our womens open water wetsuits are meticulously designed to complement the natural contours of the female body, providing specialised support where it's most needed. These wetsuits not only offer enhanced insulation and buoyancy for optimal comfort and agility but are also designed from superior materials to withstand the rigors of harsh marine environments and retain heat in cold water conditions. Additionally, they protect against the sun and aquatic hazards, making them an indispensable choice for open water and triathlon swimmers seeking both performance and safety.

Mens Open Water: Our open water sale offers male swimmers an array of high-quality wetsuits and swimwear, including neoprene jammers. These jammers not only provide a slight lift in the water to minimise drag but also enhance swimming efficiency. Crafted from the same premium neoprene as our wetsuits, they offer warmth, buoyancy, and hydrodynamic efficiency. Open water wetsuits and swimwear is perfect for those who enjoy swimming in lakes, rivers, and seas, our sale is tailored to meet the needs of open water enthusiasts.

Open Water Swim Equipment - Goggles, Hats  & Accessories 

In addition to swimwear, we also offer a range of open water swim equipment on sale. Our goggles are designed specifically for open water swimming and provide clear vision and protection from the sun's glare. We also have discounted neoprene hats that offer additional warmth in the water.

Open Water Essentials - Neoprene Accessories, Dry Robes, Bags & More 

Dive into open water swimming with our sale on essential accessories! Protect your health, comfort, and performance with our discounted range of neoprene accessories. Grab a deal on dry robes, offering warmth and privacy, now at low prices - perfect for the unpredictable outdoors. Don't miss our bargains on swimmer-designed bags, crucial for keeping your gear organised and protected, now available at incredible savings. Keep warm in colder waters with our on-sale neoprene gloves, caps, and socks, designed to retain body heat and reduce hypothermia risk. These must-have accessories, now at bargain prices, not only enhance your swim experience but also extend your open water season. Enjoy your passion with greater ease and safety, thanks to our fantastic deals on open water swimming essentials!

Swimming Accessories Sale

Complement your swimwear with our must-have accessories on sale. From swimming goggles, bags, caps and training aids to open water equipment and accessories.

Don't miss out on these great discounts. Whether you're perfecting your lap times or just looking for high-quality swimwear that keeps up with you and your family, our sale is tailored for every stroke and splash.

Shop our swimwear sale now.