Our History

Allen's of Kingsbury is a family run business that has been run by the Allen family and their relations for over 35 years. There are three separate companies who share the Allens of Kingsbury name, all of which are completely independent businesses, run by separate members of the Allen family – a fishing tackle business, a printing business and of course ourselves, who specialise in supplying swimwear, from accessories to top-of-the-range racing competition suits.

Our customer base ranges from leisure swimmers and competition swimmers to the Irish Olympic swimming team. We have even supplied a swimmer with their swimwear who subsequently won Olympic medals for Britain in the 2008 Beijing Olympic games! Two Gold medals in fact!

Historically, Allens of Kingsbury (Swimming) Ltd offered a mail order / telephone order service for competitive swimmers, and produced a bi-annual catalogue of products. With the rise of the internet and e-commerce, our business over the last 15 years has gradually shifted to our online channels. We no longer produce a bi-annual catalogue and the vast majority of our customers now choose to purchase swimwear from us via the internet, although we do accept telephone orders and would give you a very warm welcome should you wish to call into our shop in Staffordshire!

Some Key Dates

1999 – First website launched

During the summer of 1999, Allens of Kingsbury launched their first website, built in-house by Rob Shaw. We were one of the first swimwear retailers to sell online, along with a weekly email newsletter for our loyal customers.

2004 – Moved from Kingsbury to bigger premises

During 2004, the continued expansion of our business necessitated a move to bigger premises in Dordon, Nr Tamworth, where we are still based.

2005 – Incorporation

During January 2005, Allens of Kingsbury became a Limited company, now known as: Allens of Kingsbury (Swimming) Ltd.

2006 – Website re-launched

Our initial website’s success led to us bringing in an external web agency to take our website and business to the next level. We worked successfully with Lynx Internet for over 8 years, with Rob & Kristen Shaw now managing the marketing, the website and its development through RJS Media Ltd.

2008 – Beijing Olympics

One of our former customers wins double Gold medals for Great Britain in the pool. Yes, we are proud of the connection!

2011 – Social media

November 2011 saw Allens of Kingsbury launch its Twitter account – which we’ve just re-launched in 2014. We’re also on Facebook here.

2012 – More sales channels launched

We also sell selected items from our range through Amazon and Ebay. However, due to the fees for using these websites, you will always find the same products cheaper direct from us on our own website!

2014 – Multi-channel website re-launched

During the summer of 2014, we once again overhauled our website and re-launched it, working with another external agency (NuBlue) to bring together some of our different sales channels. Rob Shaw and Kristen Shaw / RJS Media Ltd continue to manage the development and marketing of the website.

2015 – Club partnerships + merchandise distribution launched

We are now in a position to offer swim clubs a unique partnership – whereby we can set up an online shop for your club merchandise, on our website and possibly even your own club website too. We can manage and distribute your club merchandise for you, taking all the hassle out of trying to sell your club gear poolside! What’s more, we’ll even give your club cashback on swimwear sales generated by your club swimmers! If you’d like more details, contact us through sales@allensswimwear.co.uk, or through our contact form.

The future

We know from our past that business never stands still. We are always open-minded to change and on the lookout for new opportunities. If you think we can work together in some way, please get in touch!

Who we are

Founding Directors

Linda Beal (nee Allen) and Richard Beal


William Beal and Daniel Beal


Lloyd, Martin, Linda, Mike, Sarah, Heather, Jason

RJS Media Ltd

Kristen Shaw & Rob Shaw – Website management, development and marketing.