TYR was established in 1985 with the goal of utilising the latest swimwear technology to revolutionize the swim industry. Since then, TYR has evolved into one of the most esteemed swimming and fitness brands globally, leading in both innovation and style. Committed to inspiring athletes at all levels, from world champions to individuals striving for personal bests, TYR Swimwear has a proven track record of excellence and performance.

Explore a diverse range of swimwear from TYR, where innovation merges with performance in every stitch. Our collection, designed for champions, includes jammers, kneesuits, swimsuitsswimming goggles and clothing for men, women, boys and girls. Whether it's for training, racing, fitness, or fun, and whether you're smashing records or pushing boundaries, we have chlorine-resistant swimwear to complement your endeavors. For those in the UK, TYR Swimwear UK offers an unparalleled selection catering to every swimmer's requirement, blending innovation with style and meeting the needs of every swimmer, regardless of age or objective.

Dive into excellence with our range of TYR FINA-approved swimwear. Our selection of TYR racing swimwear is meticulously engineered for peak performance, meeting the standards of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) for competitive swimmers who need the best quality. Whether you're powering through practice sessions or competing, TYR's performance swimwear is engineered to enhance your speed, efficiency, and overall performance in the water. Ensure you find the perfect fit with our TYR swimwear size guide for men, women, kids and swim clubs

At Allens Swimwear, we exclusively stock the best swimwear for individuals of all proficiency levels. Known for their superior quality, TYR swimwear stands out. Take the plunge and buy TYR swimwear online today.

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Mens TYR JammersMens TYR Jammers

Mens Swimwear - Jammers

Discover a wide collection of Men's TYR Swimwear, where advanced technology and design merge to establish new benchmarks in speed and performance. For those prioritizing durability and performance, our top recommendations include the Men's Thresher Akurra Jammer, Vitality Jammer, Crystalized Blade Splice Jammer, Speedwarp, and Fizzy Jammer. Celebrated for their exceptional quality and design, these selections are designed to withstand hours of training while maintaining their shape and colour, serving as a testament to TYR's commitment to quality.

Our selection of Men's Tech Suits is crafted for the pinnacle of competitive swimming, offering premium jammers to maximize performance. With features aimed at reducing drag and enhancing water flow, these race suits are tailored for those striving for the top tier of competition. Explore our range of TYR competition swimwear.

Our Men's TYR swimwear caters to a broad spectrum of water activities, ensuring that every swimmer discovers the perfect fit for their specific needs, whether it's for training, racing, or recreation.

Womens TYR SwimsuitsWomens TYR Swimsuits

Womens Swimwear - Kneesuits & Swimsuits 

At Allens Swimwear, we recognize the diverse needs of female swimmers, particularly those involved in competitive swimming. Our selection of TYR Women's Swimwear offers a range of choices for casual to serious swimmers, prioritizing comfort and durability for long training sessions or leisurely dips in the pool.

Our TYR Ladies swimwear collection presents various options. Our TYR kneesuits are tailored for both competitive and leisure swimming, providing additional coverage and support. Meanwhile, our TYR sport swimsuits are crafted with the athlete in mind, ensuring durability, comfort, and performance. Whether you're preparing for a competition or swimming for fitness, our extensive selection of TYR Swimsuits are designed to fulfill your swimming needs. Our range of Women's TYR Thresher Kneesuits allows for minimal drag and maximum efficiency in the water, making them ideal for competitive swimmers focused on shaving seconds off their times.

For those in search of dependable swim accessories, our TYR women's goggles are engineered for precision and comfort.

Beyond the pool, the TYR hoodie offers a stylish and cozy option for swimmers to stay warm, ensuring that swimmers are equipped not just in the water but also on the deck. We provides comfortable, stylish clothing for before and after races or training sessions.

Kids TYR SwimwearKids TYR Swimwear

Kids - Racing, Goggles & Accessories 

TYR Kids Swimwear collection offers a variety of options for young swimmers. Our range includes TYR kids racing goggles designed with safety and comfort in mind, ensuring clear vision and protection from chlorine and other irritants. These goggles are meticulously engineered to meet the demands of competitive swimming, providing a seamless blend of style, comfort, and performance.

With the needs of young swimmers in mind, our kids swim bags offer ample space for storing swim gear and personal belongings, while our kids TYR swim caps provide a comfortable and secure fit for young heads.

At TYR, we understand that young swimmers have unique needs, which is why we strive to offer a diverse range of products to cater to their specific requirements.

TYR EquipmentTYR Equipment

Equipment - Goggles, Caps, Bags & Accessories

For athletes relentless in their pursuit of excellence in both training and racing, Allens Swimwear offers an elite range of TYR swim equipment unmatched in both quality and performance. Among our standout items are the TYR bags, essential for swimmers valuing organization and efficiency. Crafted for durability, these bags are spacious enough to store all your swim gear, including TYR swimming goggles and other essentials, ensuring you're always prepared, whether for training or a major competition. 

Our selection of TYR Goggles is extensive, featuring the latest designs tailored for both training sessions and racing competitions. With TYR racing goggles, athletes enjoy superior visibility, minimal drag, and utmost comfort, enabling them to focus entirely on their performance. Engineered to meet the exacting standards of competitive swimmers, these goggles offer precision fit and leak-proof security, crucial during high-intensity swims.

Whether gearing up for a rigorous training session or setting sights on the next big race, Allens Swimwear's range of TYR swim training equipment is designed to equip you with the best, ensuring you can perform at your peak.

TYR Race SuitsTYR Race Suits


At TYR, we know that a competitive swimmer's race kit is incomplete without a TYR kneesuit. Combining form and function, our thresher series kneesuits are crafted with the highest quality materials to provide athletes with unmatched support and compression. With an array of vibrant colours and bold prints to choose from, these swimsuits are tailored for both style and performance.

TYR SwimsuitsTYR Swimsuits


For those seeking a blend of comfort and style, our range of TYR swimsuits is designed to meet your every need. From tie back to crosscuts, our swimsuits offer unparalleled support and flexibility, allowing you to move freely through the water while maintaining a streamlined profile. TYR Swimsuits are made with chlorine-resistant materials to withstand rigourous training sessions.

TYR Racing JammersTYR Racing Jammers


With our TYR jammers, you can experience the perfect balance of performance and style. Made with advanced fabric technology, these jammers provide compression and support to improve muscle oxygenation and reduce fatigue during training or competition. Available in a variety of lengths and designs, these jammers are suitable for all levels of swimmers. Browse our racing or training jammers

TYR Swimming GogglesTYR Swimming Goggles


No swim kit is complete without a reliable pair of TYR goggles. From racing to recreational swimming, our extensive range caters to all ages and levels. Our racing swim goggles are designed with low-profile lenses and anti-fog technology for maximum visibility in the water. For kids, we offer fun and colourful designs that are comfortable and easy to adjust.

TYR Swim BagsTYR Swim Bags


Transport all your swim essentials in our TYR bags. Our mesh bags provide superior ventilation, allowing wet gear to dry quickly while keeping other items fresh. For those with more equipment, our backpacks offer spacious compartments and padding for added comfort during transportation.

TYR Swim AccessoriesTYR Swim Accessories


Complete your swim kit with our range of TYR accessories. Protect your hair from chlorine damage with our durable and comfortable swim caps. Keep water out of your ears with our lightweight and ergonomic ear plugs. For those who struggle with water in their nose, our soft silicone nose clips provide an easy solution. And to keep your goggles safe and secure, we offer convenient goggle cases

TYR Best Sellers

Explore popular TYR items such as the TYR jammers, designed with advanced fabric technology to enhance performance and style. Explore our range of racing goggles, known for their low-profile design and anti-fog lenses. And for those looking for a versatile backpack, the TYR Alliance Backpack II offers multiple compartments and comfortable padding for all your swim gear. At Allens Swimwear, we're dedicated to stocking the best swimwear and equipment for swimmers of all levels, especially competitive ones, to ensure they have the gear they need to perform at their best.


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5 Star Reviews

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Definitely recommend your products

My girls are so in love with their swimsuits like never before and that’s thanks to Allen’s Swimwear , and they love their googles and their mesh backpack too…

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Good price, good quality!

This is my second purchase from this site. The order arrived on time. Good price, good quality! The size is correct...

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Love this shop!

Love this shop! I have visited on many occasions and received excellent customer service. If you need any advice this is the place to go...

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