Earol Earol Swim


Earol Swim is designed to reduce swimmer's ear and trapped water. The formula is naturally anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, and water-resistant, creating a water-resistant barrier in your ear that stays in place while you swim. Supplied in a handy floatable carry case.


  • Waterproofs the Ear & Prevents Build-Up - Repellent oil layer waterproofs and repels water after swimming, as well as naturally softening, removing and preventing wax build-up in the ears.
  • Metered Dose Spray - 0.05ml sprayed in a gentle mist to adhere to the ear canal walls minimises the risk of leaking, a common issue with ear drops.
  • Contains Natural Ingredients - EarolSwim is made up of Pharmaceutical-Grade Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Mineral Oil.
  • Suitable for Children from 12 Months
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Brand Earol
Junior No
Gender Unisex
Swim Accessories Ear Plugs
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