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Founded in 1993, Finis is renowned for its innovative and high-quality swimwear and swimming equipment. With a mission to support swimmers and coaches, they strive to enhance swimming techniques and elevate the performance of individuals across all levels, from beginners to professional athletes and coaches.

Finis is a specialist in technical racing swimwear, training equipment, and innovative swimming products like smart goggles and watches. Positioned as a leading player in the industry, Finis offers swimwear and equipment to refine strokes, increase speed, and enhance endurance, such as kneesuits, jammers, fins, snorkels, stopwatches, hand paddles, goggles, swim caps, kickboards and pull buoys, designed to improve technique, strength, and endurance. 

This dedication to excellence and innovation has established Finis as a respected brand among competitive swimmers, coaches, and water enthusiasts worldwide.

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Finis Womens SwimwearFinis Womens Swimwear
Finis Mens Swimwear Finis Mens Swimwear
Finis Kids Swimwear Finis Kids Swimwear
Finis EquipmentFinis Equipment

Finis Swimwear Finis Swimwear


For men, Finis swimwear includes performance racing jammers, engineered to reduce drag and optimise speed in the water, alongside precision-crafted racing goggles that afford clear vision and exceptional comfort during intense swim sessions. Women can choose from a selection of racing kneesuits, offering hydrodynamic benefits and a secure fit, in addition to race goggles designed with female facial structures in mind for maximum comfort and minimal leakage. Finis kids racing swim goggles allows younger swimmers to move up from swim lesson to competitive swimming. 

Finis Swim Coach EquipmentFinis Swim Coach Equipment


For swim coaches, Finis's comprehensive range of training equipment is invaluable, providing the tools needed to cater to every aspect of a swimmer's development. Whether it's enhancing stroke efficiency with hand paddles and training fins, or refining body position with pull buoys and snorkels, coaches can tailor their training sessions to meet the individual needs of their swimmers. Additionally, the versatility of the stopwatches enables accurate timing and tracking of performance across various distances, essential for monitoring progress and setting targets. Finis Smart Goggles provide immediate feedback and detailed analysis, allowing for real-time adjustments during practice. These products not only aid in the improvement of swimmers but also empower coaches with the resources to conduct effective and efficient training sessions.

Finis Racing Swimwear Finis Racing Swimwear


Finis Racing is at the forefront of innovative swimming gear, offering an extensive range of tech suit swimming options for men, women, and kids. Their race swimsuits meet the needs of competitive swimmers, focusing on reducing drag and enhancing speed through advanced fabric technology and design. Finis racing goggles are another highlight, they are designed with precision to ensure a comfortable fit, clear vision, and minimal leakage, catering to the unique needs of both male and female swimmers. Finis ensure that swimmers of all ages have access to quality swimwear and equipment, which empowers them to perform at their best.

Finis Training EquipmentFinis Training Equipment

Training Equipment

Finis offers an exceptional range of training equipment designed to enhance the swimming experience at all levels. Their training fins are engineered to increase leg strength and improve stroke technique, while the snorkels are developed with a focus on improving breathing technique and body alignment. Kickboards and pull buoys offer vital support for focused training on specific parts of the swim stroke, promoting upper body strength and proper positioning in the water. Finis's hand paddles are crafted to refine stroke technique and increase propulsion. Finis Smart Goggles, feature technology that allows swimmers to track their real-time metrics in the water. This technology is a breakthrough in the industry, offering a highly personalised swimming experience. Together, these tools are an integral part of a swimmer's regime, honing skills and building strength for superior performance. 

Finis FinsFinis Fins


For swimmers seeking to boost speed and strength in the water, Finis Fins target specific muscle groups for improved technique and endurance. Finis swim fins are convenient to carry and use during training sessions, particularly when swimming in open water or in the pool. They have a range for both adults and juniors and available in different colours. The Finis Zoomers offers a short blade, perfect for sprint training, whereas the longer floating fins promote long-distance training and endurance. Both are designed to allow natural kicking motions while providing added resistance for building muscle strength.

Finis SnorkelFinis Snorkel


Finis's training snorkel is crafted to improve breathing patterns and lung capacity, enabling swimmers to concentrate on stroke technique without the need to turn their head for air. Its curved design ensures a comfortable fit while swimming, and the purge valve allows easy water clearing if any enters the tube. Finis Training Snorkels is a vital tool for swimmers aiming to enhance their performance. Whether you're a freestyle swimmer aiming for better results or a young enthusiast seeking water confidence, our selection offers swimming snorkels tailored for various activities and age groups, including Stability and Freestyle Snorkels and junior snorkels. 

Finis StopwatchesFinis Stopwatches


Finis offers a range of stopwatches for swimmers seeking precise timing and recording of their swim sessions. The 100m, 300m, and Tempo Trainer stopwatches are all designed with waterproof construction and easy-to-use features, allowing swimmers to accurately track their progress and push themselves to new heights. The Finis Tempo Trainer is a small device that attaches to a swimmer's goggle strap or cap, emitting an audible beep at a set tempo to help swimmers maintain their desired stroke rate. This tool is ideal for training in open water or during solo swim sessions, providing motivation and focus without the need for a coach or timer. 

Finis Training PaddlesFinis Training Paddles


The Finis Agility and Freestyle Hand Paddles stand out in the market due to their design tailored to the specific needs of swimmers seeking to enhance agility and freestyle strokes. Unlike competitors relying on complex strap systems, Finis paddles prioritise user-friendly design, making them easy to put on and remove, with added grip for slip prevention. Additionally, they encourage proper palm positioning, enabling more focused training sessions. These features establish Finis hand paddles as the premier choice for swimmers seeking improved technique with enhanced simplicity and efficiency.

Finis Kickboards & Pull BuoysFinis Kickboards & Pull Buoys

Kickboards & Pull Buoys

As part of our Finis swim training equipment range, we provide kickboards and pull buoys - two indispensable tools for swimmers looking to refine their upper body or leg movements. Kickboards aid in enhancing leg strength while maintaining the correct body position in the water, whereas pull buoys focus on core and arm muscle development by excluding the use of legs in drills. These products come in various sizes for adults and juniors to accommodate different abilities and training objectives.

Finis GogglesFinis Goggles


Finis also offers a wide range of goggles designed to meet the demands of competitive swimmers and juniors alike. The Competition Goggles are engineered for peak performance, offering low profile designs for minimal drag and maximum speed, alongside anti-fog and UV protection for clear and safe vision under all conditions. The Junior Goggles, tailored for younger swimmers, combine comfort and durability with easy-to-adjust straps and soft silicone seals, ensuring a snug fit without the discomfort. Both ranges embody Finis's commitment to supporting swimmers at every level with tools that promote confidence and improvement in the water.

Finis Best Sellers

Explore our collection of best-selling Finis products, carefully selected to enhance your swimming experience. Whether you're a professional athlete or a swimming enthusiast, our top picks are designed to meet your every need. Take a moment to browse through and discover the Finis gear that has been highly rated by our customers, ensuring you make a choice that's not only popular but proven to elevate performance in the water.

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5 Star Reviews

Based on over 2,600 reviews

5 Star Reviews

Definitely recommend your products

My girls are so in love with their swimsuits like never before and that’s thanks to Allen’s Swimwear , and they love their googles and their mesh backpack too…

Ramona, 2 months ago


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Good price, good quality!

This is my second purchase from this site. The order arrived on time. Good price, good quality! The size is correct...

Alena, 3 months ago


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Love this shop!

Love this shop! I have visited on many occasions and received excellent customer service. If you need any advice this is the place to go...

Anne, 3 months ago