Arena swimwear, a globally acclaimed brand, has carved its niche in providing performance swimwear and accessories for swimmers of all levels - from beginners to professional athletes. Founded in 1973 by Horst Dassler, inspired by the remarkable achievements at the Munich Summer Olympics, Arena set out to equip swimmers with high performance aquatic gear including racing suits, swimsuits, jammers, goggles, and caps designed for excellence.

Their unique selling proposition lies in their unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, enabling swimmers to achieve optimal performance. With the introduction of the pioneering Skinfit® fabric in the 1970s, designed to reduce drag, to their latest carbon fiber technology, Arena continues to evolve, pushing the boundaries of swimwear technology and design, ensuring that every swimmer, regardless of their skill level, can feel confident and reach their full potential in the water.

We understand that selecting the perfect swimwear and equipment can feel overwhelming. For detailed guidance on achieving the perfect fit for your swimwear, refer to our comprehensive arena swimwear size chart tailored for men, women, boys, and girls. Whether you're a competitive swimmer or just enjoy swimming for leisure, Arena has swimwear and equipment for all activities. 

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Arena SwimwearArena Swimwear
Arena Mens Swimwear Arena Mens Swimwear
Arena Kids Swimwear Arena Kids Swimwear
Arena EquipmentArena Equipment

Mens Arena Swimwear Mens Arena Swimwear

Mens Swimwear - Jammers, Briefs & Drag Shorts

Explore our wide selection of men's Arena swimwear designed for all water activities. Our range includes racing suits, training and leisure swimwear, such as Arena jammers, briefs, and drag shorts. Elevate your swimwear with Arena swimming goggles, available in mirrored and standard styles for peak performance and style in the water. Dive into our collection of Arena swimming equipment and accessories including swim bags, training equipment, open water gear.

Womens Arena Swimwear Womens Arena Swimwear

Womens Swimwear - Kneesuits, Swimsuits & Drag Shorts

Discover our selection of Arena women's swimwear, showcasing Arena race suits like the high-performance Arena Powerskin and Carbon Air2. Alongside, we offer training kneesuits, swimsuits, and a diverse range of leisure swimwear. Immerse yourself in our collection of women's fitness, training, triathlon, and Arena racing goggles. Keep your swim essentials organised in our Arena swim bags. Explore our extensive array of other equipment and accessories tailored to meet all your swimming requirements.

Kids Arena Swimwear Kids Arena Swimwear

Kids Swimwear - Swimsuits, Jammers & Accessories 

Our Arena junior swimwear range is designed for young swimmers seeking to compete, train, learn to swim, or simply enjoy the pool or beach. For young male swimmers, we have a range of Arena boys jammers ideal for fitness swimming or competing. For young female swimmers, we offer Arena girls swimsuits for training and frequent swimming and kneesuits for swim competitions. Our Arena junior goggles come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit all ages. Explore our selection of Arena swimming caps, fins, and bags tailored for children, ensuring you have all their swimming essentials covered.

Arena EquipmentArena Equipment


Explore our comprehensive range of Arena swimming equipment and accessories, designed to support swimmers of all levels in their aquatic activites. Our selection includes durable Arena swim caps available in a variety of colours and materials, suitable for training sessions or competitive races. Enhance your visibility and protect your eyes with Arena goggles; from training to racing goggles. Elevate your training with our array of Arena training accessories, such as kickboards, pull buoys, and hand paddles, all engineered to help improve technique and strength. Lastly, keep all your swimming gear organised and easily transportable with our stylish and functional Arena swim bags, featuring various compartments for wet and dry storage. 

Arena Race SuitsArena Race Suits


Arena race suits for female swimmers, maximise speed and hydrodynamics in the water. Our collection of Arena kneesuits features designs with strategically placed compression panels, streamlining your body for improved performance such as our Arena Powerskin range. Made with high-quality materials and innovative technologies, our Arena kneesuits offer a perfect balance of comfort and support for intense training sessions and competitions.

Arena SwimsuitsArena Swimsuits


Arena one piece swimsuits are designed for female swimmers of all levels, providing a perfect blend of comfort and performance. Our collection of Arena swimsuits offers superior chlorine resistance and excellent stretch properties. With features such as tie backs, adjustable straps, built-in bust support, and compression panels, our Arena swimsuits provide the perfect for training to enhance performance, with features such as hydrodynamic shaping, compression technology, and chlorine-resistant fabrics. 

Arena Racing JammersArena Racing Jammers

Swim Jammers

Arena swim jammers are designed for male swimmers seeking streamlined performance and enhanced muscle compression. Our extensive range of Arena jammers cater to various needs, from casual pool sessions to training and competitive racing. The high-quality materials used in our Arena jammers offer excellent durability and chlorine resistance, ensuring long-lasting wear. Mens Arena competition swimwear is designed with the latest technology to provide ultimate performance and comfort in the water such as the Powerskin Carbon Core range, designed for maximum compression and support.

Adidas Swimming BriefsAdidas Swimming Briefs

Swimming Briefs

Swimming briefs perfect for both the beach and the pool. Arena swimming briefs are the go-to choice for male swimmers looking for a classic and minimalistic swimwear option. Made from high-quality materials, Arena briefs provide comfort and durability for long hours of training or leisurely swims. With various colours and designs to choose from, you can find the perfect swimming brief to suit your preferences.

Arena Swim GogglesArena Swim Goggles

Swim Goggles

Arena swimming goggles are ideal for both recreational and competitive swimmers, offering a wide range of styles, lens options, and sizes to suit every need. Our collection of Arena goggles includes options for indoor or outdoor swimming, with anti-fog and UV protection features for enhanced visibility in the water during every swim. Our mirrored goggles provide maximum glare protection and enhanced vision, while our standard goggles offer a wider range of lens options for different lighting conditions. Both styles feature anti-fog technology for clear vision throughout your swim.

Arena Swim BagsArena Swim Bags

Swimming Bags

Arena swim bags are designed to provide convenience and durability for swimmers on the go. With features such as water-resistant materials, multiple compartments for storage, and padded straps for comfort, Arena swim bags make it easy to transport all your swimming essentials to and from the pool. Our collection includes backpacks, mesh bags and swim bags. Whether you are heading to a practice session or a competition, our swim bags offer the perfect solution for organising and transporting all of your swimming equipment.

Arena Best Sellers

Explore our top-selling Arena products, proven in the market and trusted by swimmers worldwide. Focus on performance with our high-quality best selling swimwear and equipment, designed for optimal results. Stay ahead with the latest swimwear trends and technology for a competitive edge in training and competitions. Become part of a global community of swimmers who frequently buy these quality items. Explore Arena best-selling jammers, kneesuits, swimsuits, swim shorts and equipment. 

Arena   SALE  

Explore our Arena swimwear sale featuring a variety of swimwear styles, types, and sizes at discounted prices. Discover fantastic deals on performance jammers, kneesuits, swimsuits, swim shorts, and more. Our discounted items are ideal for those seeking to upgrade their swim gear affordably. Seize these limited-time offers and stock up on premium Arena products at unmatched prices.

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5 Star Reviews

Based on over 2,600 reviews

5 Star Reviews

Definitely recommend your products

My girls are so in love with their swimsuits like never before and that’s thanks to Allen’s Swimwear , and they love their googles and their mesh backpack too…

Ramona, 2 months ago


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Good price, good quality!

This is my second purchase from this site. The order arrived on time. Good price, good quality! The size is correct...

Alena, 3 months ago


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Love this shop!

Love this shop! I have visited on many occasions and received excellent customer service. If you need any advice this is the place to go...

Anne, 3 months ago