Women's Fastskin LZR Racer X Openback Kneeskin

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Description - Feel unstoppable wearing the pioneering new Fastskin LZR Racer X. Developed by swimmers for swimmers with increased compression and more freedom of movement to make you feel your fastest. Choose the open-back kneeskin style for greater freedom of movement.


  • Increased compression-Speedo's one way stretch fabric technology provides intense muscular compression while offering excellent freedom of movement through every stroke.
  • Freedom of movement-lightweight and durable for maximum freedom of movement allowing you to feel totally in tune with the water.
  • Ab activators™-laser-cut panels in the suit’s core liner increase water sensitivity while prompting you to maintain a better position in the water and align yourself correctly.
  • Support-maximised support seams improve the linkage of the body’s muscular kinetic chain, promoting better body positioning and increased muscular awareness.
  • Construction-precision comfort straps ensure greater shoulder comfort and fit.
  • Composition: Upper – 65% Polyamide / 35% Elastane. Lower – 62% Polyamide / 38% Elastane

Additional Information

Brand Speedo
Availability Please note this is not available for shipment outside the EEC.
Back Style Openback
Colour Red/Black
Elite Elite
Fabric LZR Racer X

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Section 1- Measuring & Size Guide

To get the best from your suit it needs to fit. Follow this guide to get the best fit for you.

Use a tape measure to take measurements with your regular swimwear on to ensure accuracy.

The hip is the most important measurement so take this first in line with your hip bone

The body loop is measured form the centre of your shoulder around your body, between your legs and back up to the starting point. 

Measure your bust around the widest point

For your waist size, measure around the waist level in line with your tummy button.

You will find size charts for each of the suits on the link above - click 'view sizing chart'..

In order to achieve the best fit we recommend you purchase the size you measure but the final choice is down to your compression level preference. 

You may be the same size as LZR Racer Elite 2 or you may want to try different sizes because of the higher compression offered.


Stage 2- Putting the suit on…

The Speedo Fastskin LZR Racer X kneeskin is designed and developed to have high compression in targeted areas of the body. It may take a little longer to get on than your current racing suit. Approximately 20 minutes on your first try depending on how experienced you are.

Enter the suit through the neck like a swimsuit.

Turn the leg hems up to make the suit easier to put on.

You will notice the higher compression as soon as you step into the suit for the first time. Our CompreX fabric compresses your body whilst smart-stretch technology allows you to bend, move and kick without restriction. 

Keep working the leg fabric up bit by bit. Try not to pull on the upper body part of the suit before the lower part of the suit as the high compression could get stuck on your hips. This will be the hardest part. 

When the suit is over the hips, start to pull the suit up and into position, the hip join seams on the suit should fit on your GREATER TROCHANTER, your hip point.

Work the upper body part of the suit up gently. Try to hold on to the seams and not the single layers of fabric.

Put the shoulder straps on and reposition into the correct place.  You may need somebody to help you with the straps. 

Once the suit is on continue to work the suit into the most comfortable position for you. 

The high level of compression sometimes means fabric sticks at the bottom of the legs. If this happens work the fabric up from the bottom of the legs until the suit feels compressive yet comfortable.

Turn the leg hems down and you are ready to race.


Stage 3- Fitting the suit correctly

Check that the suit is compressive yet comfortable to race in and that the suit gives full movement without any restriction when you move your limbs into a bent and streamline position. 

Check that the X seam fits on the middle of the back. This only applies on the closed back suit. 

Ensure there is no loose fabric and the suit looks tight enough at all edges to stop any water getting in. The suit should fit close to the skin without any air pockets.