Costume Care

  • We suggest that costumes are rinsed after use in cold water and left to dry naturally.
  • Do not leave rolled up in wet towels or rinse in fabric conditioner.
  • Sitting on the poolside will cause fabric to rough up.
  • For training we suggest you use a polyester or nylon costume, or the new endurance fabric with PBT, and not one that contains Lycra-elastane.
  • In case of doubt, you should contact the manufacturers for more specific care instructions.
excellent durability to chlorinated water
  • New improved Endurance
  • Chlorine resistant
  • Lasts at least 20 times longer than conventional swimwear
  • Improved fit and comfort with a softer feel and superior shape retention
  • Ideal for swim training and regular use
  • Low moisture absorption and quick drying