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Experience the power & speed of Carbon without sacrificing any freedom of movement with arena's new POWERSKIN Carbon Flex VX.

The Flex VX incorporates arena's patented V-Flex construction - designed with revolutionary placement of seams to provide maximum range of motion - in combination with intelligent muscle compression and a power return system for unprecidented fit & support.

The Arena carbon cage, unique to the range, holds and compresses the muscles perfectly in place. Designed for long distances, it is the ideal suit for backstroke, breaststroke and individual medley. The low profiled bonded seams are strategically placed: they run up the front of the quads, curving outwards and upwards over the hips. The rear seams run straight up each hamstring, continuing over the glutes. The elasticized tapes are designed to store potential energy which is released during dives, kicks and turns, to efficiency and provide the legs with maximum mobility. The perfect mix of flexibility and compression. 

These swimsuits have FINA approval.

We sell the European Arena Racing Swimsuits which often feature an additional manufacturer's logo when compared to the American varieties. Other than the size of the logos, the suits are identical. Please be aware that the additional logo on Arena's European Racing Suits may exceed the 2.25 square inches of logo allowed in USA competitions. NFHS (The National Federation of State High School Associations) and NCCA (The National Collegiate Athletic Association) have rules on swimsuit branding and these suits are not compliant with the branding restrictions of these organizations. They are however fully compliant with UK, European and the rest of the world's regulations.

Additional Information

Brand Arena
Colour Turquoise/Black
Elite Elite
Fabric Powerskin Carbon Flex

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